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Sep 6, 2018
To get a bit more of engagement in our league in the forums, and to make it a bit more entertaining for everyone, I've created this thread for all of you guys to post your "best" moments in.
So it's meant to put some of your best drives, best firsts laps, best overtakes or even worst crashes in. Maybe a win were you fought really hard for or a pit stop that didn't exactly go to plan,...

You can just post the video here, and I think that's something nice, because you can show of your skills and (un)luck during races. It makes for some interesting material and the others would get to know how the race went from your perspective.
I would like to have this as a bit of a content sharing thread as well, so different people can have the footage to use in their own video or maybe to even make a nice little montage of the season. Footage that maybe wouldn't be shared otherwise.
But also don't think like that the expectations are that high. It doesn't need to be spectacular or anything, so definitely don't be afraid of posting something here! ;)

Who's going to be the first one?

@Schwalbe @SwaggyEggy @ayrton82 @karnak07 @DaddeRaga @ForceSkoda @babouras @Luka @jordb94 @Shaddi @Kereka @horvi181 @spawnieSTAR @Realnmk
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Apr 3, 2018
Oh man, hate when that happens. Happened to me last year as well, but mine was stuck open sadly. Yours was closed I suppose?
Luckily yes, it never happened to me that the DRS stuck open neither in career mode
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Jun 14, 2018
i had never the chance to apply...so im hyped :cool: