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How to adjust Force Feedback


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Oct 19, 2016
VRS (Virtual Racing School) published a great video detailing how you should set up your force feedback.
While it is targeted at iRacing, the same principles apply to other sims.

Sadly, I could find the video only on facebook, but here it is:

A transcript:

To achieve the best feel for the front tires, you need the highest force feedback strength possible.
However, not so high that information from the car is lost.
When force feedback signals reach a maximum limit, it's called clipping.
Clipping results in a loss of detailed feedback from the tires.
iracing specific:
visible clipping can be seen when the live force bar turns red
(the bottom bar at the info box on the top right of the screen)
Clipping must be avoided!
Check "linear" (force feedback) for the most dynamic response in options.
Test your existing force feedback settings on track.
Experiment with different strength values.
Test each setting on track, before adjusting accordingly.
The "F" Bar (force feedback bar) should turn red only in extreme situations.

Do you have another sim? Share where to find linear modes and how to replicate the above process in your game/sim.