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How to Make a Stewards Enquiry

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Things happen during races. Sometimes these things are considered ‘unfair’ or ‘unsporting’ and need to be discussed in an official capacity with the organizers or persons appointed by the organizers. We urge all drivers who feel they have been treated unfairly to reach out to one another to rectify the situation before making an official complaint. If satisfaction cannot be obtained in this manner then and only then should a driver bring the matter before the Stewards.

When making a Stewards Enquiry, create a new thread in the Stewards Panel forum and include in the title the Round #, which race (Feature or Sprint) Lap #, Turn #, Memeber(s) involved and the type of Incident. (e.g., Round 2, Feature, Lap 6, Turn 1, @P_Maldonaldo, Major Collision) Copy & paste the template (shown below) into the thread and provide the necessary information. You must tag your league coordinator to make them aware and to allow the matter to be dealt with promptly. Please read and follow these instructions carefully or the enquiry will not be investigated.

Thread Title:
S#, Rd#, FR or SR, L#, T#, Member(s) Involved, Type of Incident

(S-Season, Rd-Round, F-Feature/Sprint, L-Lap, T-Turn)
(See below in League Rules Extracts for examples of incident types)

League Coordinator*
: type ‘@’ then your coordinator’s name to appropriately tag them
Members Involved*: please include all members involved
Witnesses: Please include all witnesses if any
Description*: Enter a description of the situation here. Please try to remain impartial, but remember that all parties involved will have their chance to speak.
Evidence*: Photos/Videos of the incident if applicable. (See below for instructions)

*Required Information

Enquiries that do not follow the template, are missing Required Information and/ or are submitted 48 hours after the race(s) will not be investigated by the Stewards Panel. Furthermore once an enquiry has been submitted it cannot be withdrawn for any reason.

The Plaintiff in the case may not make rebuttal comments to the Defendant once they have responded to the Plaintiff’s accusations. Further discussion either in the forums or via direct messaging regarding the enquiry while the investigation is ongoing or after the enquiry’s conclusion are expressly forbidden.

Only the parties who are tagged in the enquiry are allowed to make comments in the enquiry thread.

Extracts from the League Rules:

You can make a stewards enquiry for the following:

On-track incidents: If you feel another driver has caused an incident - eg. hitting your car, forcing you off the track, rejoining the track unsafely, or generally driving too aggressively - you should report this to the stewards for investigation.

Track limits: If you witness another driver is persistently gaining time by abusing the track limits, you should report this to the stewards.

General rule-breaks: If you witness another driver breaking any of the rules or guidelines regarding lobby behaviour (on-track or off-track), you should report this to the stewards.

Removing an unfair time penalty: If you receive a time penalty from the game at the end of the race and you feel this was awarded unfairly, you can make an enquiry for the penalty to be removed. When making such an enquiry, you need to provide evidence of the penalty being applied. Evidence can be either in the form of video footage, or a picture the post race results screen showing the length of the penalty along with a description of when the penalty was applied. Any appeals without this will be dismissed.

Bear in mind that we will not be giving compensation for penalties that affect your position on the track during the race.

Time frame for posting stewards enquiries:
Note that there is a time limit of 48 hours after the race has finished (For Thursday events the deadline is 10pm Saturday UK time) to make a stewards enquiry for an incident you have been involved in or witnessed during the race. If any new rule violations come to light through videos released after this time, it is still possible to report this, but only if this violation is something that would not have been visible to other driver(s) in the race at the time it happened.

Video evidence:
Any video evidence submitted in a stewards enquiry must be uploaded to a video streaming site (such as YouTube, Streamable, Dailymotion) before being embedded and/or linked to in the enquiry thread. Stewards should not have to download video files in order to watch your evidence. The easiest way to provide video evidence is to:
1) Save Your Replay once the race is completed. (Located at the top left of the lobby screen)
2) First, make sure your sharing settings are set to ‘Easy Screenshots’.
(Settings > Sharing and Broadcasts > SHARE Button Control Type) Then while watching your replay press the Share button on your controller 2 times to start recording, and another 2 times end the recording. Please begin the recording at least 5 seconds before the incident and end the recording at least 5 seconds after the incident.
  1. Open the Capture Gallery app and upload the video(s) to your favorite social media site.
  2. Go to the site you posted your video to and copy & paste the link into the forum thread you have created. Click the Preview Button located at the bottom right of the text edit box to ensure that the link is working.
If for whatever reason you are unable to provide video evidence please contact your coordinator and provide the Lap #, Turn # and which race the incident occured in. (e.g. Round 2 Feature Race or Round 2 Sprint Race)

Current GT Sport League Coordinators:
@Delaney @BL99DY-NINE @Hasnain

Who is allowed to post in the Stewards Panel?
Anyone can raise an issue in the Stewards Panel, but only the people who are directly involved with the incident raised and the members of the GT Sport League Coordinating Team are permitted to post in the threads. No one else needs to provide their opinion unless they are specifically asked to do so by one of the GT Sport League Coordinating Team.

The stewards have a variety of penalties that may be applied to punish drivers who break our racing rules, depending on the severity of the violation. The available penalties are sorted below, in order of severity. Breaking a rule also leads to penalty points being added to your name - see further down for more details.

(Note that penalties may be added together in the event of multiple violations in a race, which could result in total time penalties of a higher number than what is suggested below)

● 5-second time penalty
● 10-second time penalty
● 15-second time penalty
● 20-second time penalty (or higher)
● Qualifying ban for the next round (may also be applied in place of a time penalty if the driver did not finish the race)
● Disqualification from the race
● One-round* ban
● Multiple-round* ban
● Permanent removal from the league

Any penalties will be aimed at the person who has done wrong - we cannot compensate anyone else as a result of someone's actions. All penalties applied are for that specific league and are not transferable. All penalties are discussed by the Stewards Panel (consisting of the members of the GT Sport League Coordinating Team) before being issued and the driver will always be informed of the outcome. The Stewards Panel is completely neutral and will not include anyone who may be affected by the incident in question.

*A single round is comprised of one (1) Feature Race and one (1) Sprint Race

Penalty points system:
The penalty points system is a way of keeping track of a driver's record of breaking the rules of clean racing, and to more severely punish repeat offenders. Penalty points will be applied alongside normal race penalties, as per the list below.

● 5 points - Driving dangerously or unsportingly
● 5 points - Causing a minor avoidable collision
● 10 points - Causing a moderate avoidable collision
● 15 points - Causing a major avoidable collision
● 5-15 points - Excessively abusing the track limits (depending on severity)
● 10 points - Quitting out of the race lobby before the end of the race (not counting legitimate disconnections)
● 15 points - Quitting out of the race lobby with the car still on track (not counting legitimate disconnections)
● 50 points - Deliberately crashing into another driver

If you accumulate 25 points, you will be awarded a qualifying ban.

If you accumulate 40 points, you will be awarded a one-round* ban.

If you accumulate 50 points, your league position will be put under review, with the likely outcome of being removed from the league.

Penalty points will usually be reset ahead of a new season.

*A single round is comprised of one (1) Feature Race and one (1) Sprint Race

Reprimand system:
While the race penalties and penalty points system are mainly aimed at dealing with on-track issues, the reprimand system deals with issues that may occur off the track.

It's simple - if you receive 3 reprimands, you're out. Receiving 3 reprimands would also see you placed on the blacklist (see section 6.5 for info about the blacklist).

You can receive a reprimand for the following:

● No-showing a race without giving prior notice to the League Coordinator
● Showing abusive behaviour towards another driver, either in the race lobby or on the forum
● Repeated attempts to rejoin the lobby after a disconnection and/ or using text chat during a race. If you suffer a disconnect during a race please make only one (1) attempt to reconnect.
For more information please see the Official Rules Thread

Note that if we encounter situations where someone's behaviour gets completely out of hand and is extremely serious, a ban may be applied directly regardless of reprimands accumulated.
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