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HOW TO SIGN UP - AOR F1 2020 Leagues - Season 21

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AOR Hype Energy F1 Leagues - Season 21
Sign-Up Information


This is the sign-up thread for Season 21 of the Main AOR F1 Leagues, sponsored by Hype Energy Drinks.

The sign-ups for this season are now OPEN

Welcome to Season 21 of the AOR F1 Leagues! After 20 seasons of F1 League Racing, across 11 different Codemasters F1 Games, we're back for the next 20! Season 21 brings the second season of the F1 2020 game in the AOR F1 Leagues, with the usual shorter calendar for this time of year.

AOR is all about having an enjoyable experience on track by following proper racing rules, as opposed to the demolition derby that is public lobbies. We have built a reputation for providing clean, fair and competitive league racing, and we will do our best to ensure that this continues in the best possible way. But remember, in order to achieve this, we depend on you as a driver to respect the rules and drive in a professional and fair manner.

It doesn't matter how fast and experienced you are - with our tiered league structure we welcome drivers of all skill levels to join the fun. All we require is that you are committed and that you've got the mindset of clean racing. Our top leagues will challenge the fastest drivers on the game with no assists allowed, while drivers who require the use of an in game assist can choose to sign up to the assist leagues where the Racing line, Automatic Gears, Traction Control and ABS is allowed.

We also have separate leagues for the America region (only PC for now). The social race section on the forum can be used to organise your own one-off races or join races organised by our members.

The league races from the top leagues of each platform are expected to be broadcasted live on the AOR YouTube channel!

Sign-up & time trial opens: 3rd March 2021
Sign-up & time trial closes: 13th March 2021
Evaluation race date(s): 10th March, 14th March and 18th March 2021
Driver placement announcement: 22nd March 2021
Car selection begins: 22nd March 2021
Season begins: 28th March 2021
Season ends: 27th June 2021

Race day: Sundays
Start time: 8:00pm (UK time)
PLEASE NOTE: The top tier league of each platform may be staggered for broadcasting purposes. So PS4 may be at 7pm, PC 8pm and Xbox 9pm, but this is subject to change.


1) Register on the https://apexonline.racing/ website (log in on the website with discord) and fill out your details
2): Click one of the F1 2020 buttons (depends on which platform you race on and if you use assists) and then click the Info / Sign-Up button.
3): In the next screen, read the General information, click through the different tabs to inform yourself about the league and if you want to -> click the green Signup button.
4): Here you can upload your Time Trial screenshots of Spain and USA. This can be either an end-of-session screenshot, or a screenshot of the leaderboards. Click the Upload button, choose the correct files and then fill out your lap time in the white box located on the left of the choose file buttons. Afterwards hit the Submit button.
5): This step can be skipped by returning drivers (those who have driven in an AOR F1 league before). Click the Evaluation button and sign up for one of the evaluation races there. Evaluation races are mandatory for new drivers. Failing to participate in an evaluation race, will result in not being placed in one of our leagues.
6): Click the Track poll button and select the track you would like to see on the S21 calendar.
7): Click the Car and number choice button, select your favourite cars and select a number (1-99 excluding the real-life F1 drivers’ numbers).
8): Click the Save Signup button, aaaand you’re done!
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Attention all: Tier Placements for this season have now been announced. Head back to apexonline.racing to find your split! Also, if you haven't already, please ensure as a matter of urgency that you join the AOR discord server and assign yourself the role for your split. Your coordinators will be getting in contact with you there!
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