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How to survive in Multiclass races


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Oct 19, 2016
Multiclass racing might be one of the most demanding disciplines in racing.

Weather you are in the fastest or slowest class, or even in a 3rd class right in the middle, managing and surviving multiclass traffic and the huge speed gaps require a calm, cool and composed mind.

Many accidents happen, because intentions are misunderstood, people are not patient or panic.

The below tips and guides are based on some excellent posts on iracing by Yoeri Gijsen and Matt a.k.a. EmptyBox.


1. All races are equally important

Nobody is battling for an "overall" victory - it doesn't exist.
There is a race going on in every class, and all races are equally important.
Especially when in the faster class, you need to remember that.

2. You will lose time
Whenever interacting with other classes, you will lose time. Accept it.
And the lost time will seem random, sometimes it's more, sometimes it's less.
Do not get frustrated.
It's out of your control when a car from another class appears behind or in front of you.
But it's in your control how you manage this. The smoother you handle it, the less time you will lose.
Handling traffic better than your competitors can be a winning factor in racing Multiclass.
Your class competitor might be seconds faster each lap - but if he/she can't handle traffic, and crashes, spins or gets stuck, you have a shot at winning.
Sometimes slower is faster. Cleaner will win.

3. There is no blue flag

Blue flags, at least in iracing, only warn you that a faster car is 1.5 seconds behind you.
Other sims do it similar. That's all it means.

Your obligation is to maintain a consistent line and cooperate with the faster driver.
That's it.
Don't get out of the way. While you mean well, it will cause issues and increase the risk of accidents. By getting out of the way, you might end up being in the way, because you change your line and slow down - something the faster drivers may not expect.

4. Show your intentions

Be as clear as you can. Usually there is no need for voice chat, if you position your car on the track clearly.
If you want the faster driver to pass you on the right, put your car on the left, leaving the door wide open. The other driver will notice and gladly take the opportunity.
Don't do it too late. Changing your line, or the side when approaching a turn with the other car being close by is very risky business. See above, don't get out of the way. Be predictable.

5. Brake early

Ideally, you want to handle traffic on the straights, where it is safe to pass or being passed. But that's not always possible. When being overtaken by a faster car in the braking zone, brake early, allowing the other car to pass safely before entering the corner (before the turn in point).
This is favorable over going side by side into a turn, risking a collision and ensuring both drivers lose unnecessary time.
Don't overdue it though. The faster driver won't need much to get by, usually braking just a few meters early will be fine.

6. Drive the other classes

Literally. Get into the other cars and get an understanding of how those cars drive and differ from your class. The more you understand how the other classes handle, the better you will be at dealing with traffic.
E.g. a lower downforce GT car will certainly need to run wide out of a corner, don't try passing there. But if you're in a high downforce prototype, you can surely stick to the inside and pass safely on corner exit.

7. Be flexible

No two situations are the same. Adapt to what's happening.
Sometimes the best thing to do is to patiently wait through the series of corners before passing slower traffic. Sometimes, when you're in the slower class, you can't make room.
Think ahead, maybe you want to slow down on the straight, rather than dealing with traffic in the upcoming series of corners. Sometimes you have to play hardball, sometimes you will need to be Mr/Mrs. Generous.

8. Be selfish

Always think what's best for your race. What will lose you the least amount of time? Go for it, but consider risk. After all, nothing loses as much time as a collision.
Holding someone behind you for a whole lap might work for you, but the other driver might lose his temper and go for an opening that's not there. Being selfish means considering other drivers too.

9. Use a relative board
In iRacing that's F3. PCars2 has a similar view. Other sims do too, I hope.
It gives you a ton of valuable information. It shows you the class of drivers around, the gap, if people are in the same lap as you, or lap/s up or down and also if two approaching cars are battling for position.
A battle for position will often lead to a more aggressive approach on traffic, so see if you can let them both pass you safely.

10. You must be this tall/fast to ride
Do not drive a fast class if you are too slow. You must be at least consistently faster than the fastest driver in the class below. If you are not, go for a slower class.
The reason is, that while the lap time might be similar, the cars achieve that lap time very differently. One class might do it through straight line speed, another one through downforce.
If two classes mix with the same lap time, it almost certainly guarantees problems.
Do not drive a fast class if you are too slow.