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PC I'm giving up.

EVR Morvic

Reigning AOR PC GT Endurance Champion
Staff member
DiRT Coordinator
Feb 25, 2016
Hello folks,

The title may mislead a bit, but I'm here to explain.

PCars2 leagues recently weren't going in the good way, from my point of view. I'm sure some people are aware of it too. And what's worse, I don't feel they will soon enough. Feeling of being ignored doesn't make me want to stay aswell.
Not only the technical state of the game, but more what other staff members are doing instead of taking action on more important things forces me to make this decision. But I'm afraid I can't reveal exact information on public forums. I won't really explain myself either.

The way things were recently have lead me to a tough (.. not really) decision. I'm giving up on coordinating Project CARS 2 leagues, and I do not intend to continue in the near future.

From respect to all the people that put effort in building the league, I will continue racing to the end of the season. But not as a coordinator anymore. I don't guarantee I will be here next season too.

It's been fun. I won't lie that I did like it. I leave you this tier in hands of @Yorkie065, @Raigore, @Nismo and @AndrexUK.


@Project CARS Coordinators

P.S. Message to staff members - please, don't hit me up on DMs trying to convince me to come back and change my mind. This thought was sitting in my head for around a month now, believe me - I made my choice now.