Incident F11 S18 Round 5 Spain |

Incident F11 S18 Round 5 Spain


Formula Karter
Jan 15, 2019
Race: Round 5 Spain
Date: september 8th 2019
Drivers Involved: @leenvollaard and @eyjafjallajökull
Lap: Lap 9
Went wheel to wheel through some corners, I was in front but gave him space to race me and he pushed me in the barriers. In my opinion its way to aggressive overtaking because I clearly was on the better line. This driver has been involved in other incidents this season and this race. Please take this in consideration as I don't know if any of the other drivers will make a steward enquiry. Racing should be clean and fun for everyone!
Evidence: For my POV please click the link: and if it doesn't on its own please watch the video from 41:35 please.