incident lap 12 oscaro bence vp yoohantv |

incident lap 12 oscaro bence vp yoohantv

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Pro Karter
Jan 31, 2016
Race: SMS-R Round 3 at Fuji
Date: 18/4/2019
Drivers Involved: vp yoohantv oscaro bence
lap: lap12
going 2 wide into the corner and get cut off /pushed outside tracklimits and nearly losing control. the steeringinput of bence is minimal to run wide on purpose and push me off while still being side by side. which results in a slowdown penalty when not going off throttle after that.


Junior Karter
Apr 4, 2019
Murphy pretty much summed it up in another thread. I was hit by Yoohan mid-corner, therefore I was forced out wide. He tried to overtake me on the outside, but his front left tyre wasn't even in line with my rears - I was justified to take the line I did. (Nevertheless, he wouldn't have had a chance if he hadn't hit me previously).