incident lap 9 turn 1 diheidi yoohantv |

incident lap 9 turn 1 diheidi yoohantv

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Jan 31, 2016
Race: SMS-R Round 3 at Fuji
Date: 18/4/2019
Drivers Involved: vp yoohantv lzr diheidi
lap: lap9 turn 1
diheidi claims i went straight to push diheidi of track on purpose, the video clearly shows me going for the switchback because diheidi brakes to late into te corner and runs wide. i take the inside line and leave 1 car with of space on the outside of the track as my projectile to maximaze the speed going out of the corner. it clearly shows diheidi being to late on the brakes and to early on the gass which caused his car to oversteer into my rear left panel. which caused my car to want to go left instead of right. the steeringwheel of diheidi turning left before the impact perfectly shows the oversteer. the room i gave diheidi on the left side of the track BEFORE impact into my car was enough for no collision. again claiming i pushed him outside of tracklimits by my fault is his own fault. if he didnt hit my car we where going 2 wide into the next corner without any problems.


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Jan 14, 2017
just because I preferred to slow down instead of trying to crash (like you did with bbence) doesn't mean you haven't tried to throw me out.

Josh Martin

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Feb 11, 2019
The Stewards have declared no further action was deemed necessary on this incident.
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