Incident - Monza Veloce_Jaames and (ACR) Leonthesickone Lap 5 |

Incident - Monza Veloce_Jaames and (ACR) Leonthesickone Lap 5

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(ACR) Xwolf1369

Junior Karter
Apr 12, 2019
Race: SMS-R Round 2 at Monza
Date: 4/12/2019
Drivers Involved: Veloce_Jaames and (ACR) Leonthesickone
Lap: Lap 5
Leon and the VP drivers were engaged in a battle for 3rd place going into turn 4. You can see in the video how far back Jaames and Rotax are. Jaames brakes too late and you can see he is aiming straight for the apex giving no consideration to the cars two wide in front of him and hits Leon causing Leon to go wider than he was positioned in the corner hit VP_Isaac and resulted in Leon going wide off and having to fall back to 9th position. Luckily Leon was respectful of the other drivers and stayed left without ruining someone else's race. But you can see Jaames just drive off and use the incident to his advantage. This has been a reoccuring type incident for Jaames by going for opening that are not there.