incident yoohantv bence murphy lap 12 turn 1 |

incident yoohantv bence murphy lap 12 turn 1

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Jan 31, 2016
Race: SMS-R Round 3 at Fuji
Date: 18/4/2019
Drivers Involved: vp yoohantv oscaro bence lzr murphy
lap: lap12
going 3 wide into the corner, no harm done here. buth the fact that murphy just cuts off me and bence isnt correct. bence had nowhere to go and it resulted him pushing me wide and forcing me to slow down to not get an in game penalty.



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Apr 4, 2019
I would like to support VP Yoohan's report (I don't think starting a new thread for the same incident would be a smart thing to do) by adding one more video. We both lost one position in the aftermath of it.



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Oct 14, 2016
Watched the replay back. Will upload a clearer view of the whole thing soon. :)


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Oct 14, 2016
Seemed quite strange to me that Yoohan's and BBence footage started before the initial turn in??
So.....where do I begin. With the outboard cam which is insane

Here you can see Yoohan had turned into BBence before the incident claimed to be my fault above causing the ripple effect across. There was ample room for 2 cars here and no more. Yoohan was simply trying to create room that wasn't there by turning in which then forced BBence across. In fact why BBence is not taking up Yoohan and siding with him is beyond me (or it is because of points at stake by getting me a penalty with out of context footage?).
Below is the incident from Yoohans perspective

Again you can clearly see Yoohan had hit BBence and forced him across before I was even near them. If Yoohan simply bowed down when there wasn't room round the outside for 3 then nothing would have happened.
So, this video is quite long and that is because I then followed Yoohan to see his slow down. Funnily enough no slow down of any kind took place?? All that happened was him driving into BBence in Turn 3, then BBence forcing him out wide in Turn 4, followed by a disaster of a hairpin.

That's my 2 cents anyway and I'll leave it up to the stewards.