Instructions For Recording and Uploading Footage |

Instructions For Recording and Uploading Footage

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Aug 11, 2016
The Pro Championship drivers this season will not be required to show their full rally footage, however, this is something we would advocate for strongly to increase the audience size of the league for potential new competitors. Uploading footage may also give you a chance of featuring in the highlights, if there is a particularly momentous situation which you have captured and notified the highlights team about.

If there are any moments of importance which you feel could be included in the highlights, then please list all of the time points from the video you send in to the exact moments in reference. This will ensure that the highlights team is aware of these significant moments.

Following are instructions to record on all platforms respectively.


You can use OBS.

Here is a setup guide:
1. First go into settings
2. Under encoding set bitrate to 5000 and in general just the settings i use.
3. Under video choose 60 FPS or what you do get
4. Right click where it says scenes and click "add scene" name that scene what you want.
5. Make sure Dirt Rally is open.
6. Right click where it says sources and click "game capture"
7. Make sure application says "[drt]: DiRT Rally"
8. Now you are ready to start recording.. do that by pushing "start recording" it should show you a live picture of what you are recording while you are recording it.

(if you feel like recording slows your PC down and ruins your driving, then we can recommend not recording while driving but recording the replay instead)

Picture guide included here.

(Credit to @Viceguy)

Xbox One

If you have not activated the recording equipment on your XB1, you will need to complete the following steps:

Go to Settings -> Preferences -> System & App ->
  • Make sure "Allow broadcast and game captures" is ticked.
After that you can change your settings to that it records the last 5 minutes instead of the last 30 seconds which will make sure to that you will have the whole stage or most of stage recorded (depending on how long the stage is). These clips that you record can be found on and then you can simply post the link to the clip in this thread and the time your incident/amazingness happend. Just make sure that your settings on your xbox allows everyone to see your screenshots and gameclips first.

You can also do:

Download and install the following apps,
  • YouTube
  • Upload
  • Upload Studio
  • Game DVR
If you have a Kinect, if something happens mid-race that you want to record if you say "Xbox Record That" it should record a game clip of the last 30 seconds.

If you don't have a Kinect, you'll have to wait for the replay to record the clip.

When you are viewing a replay, "Snap" the Game DVR app, and press 'Start clip now' at the time of the replay you want. You can record up to 5 minutes per go. To find the clip:

  • Home Screen -> My Games & Apps -> Apps -> 'Upload' -> 'My Captures'

To upload your clip to YouTube, you will need to go load the YouTube app first,

  • YouTube -> Press Left on the D-Pad -> Uploads -> UPLOAD -> Pick your selected clip.
From there you can give it a title, select the Privacy setting and see what channel it being uploaded to. Then just press upload and away you go.

If you want to edit the clip, you can do in 'Upload Studio' by pressing the 'Options' button (What I'd call the start button) on the selected clip. You can use this app to trim, piece multiple clips together and share to OneDrive.

(Credit to @StevieSQ @The Genius)


You can broadcast on twitch or upstream by pressing the share button, then go to start broadcasting.

Also, if you go into your sharing and broadcasting settings via the share button, you will be able to change the time that the console records by up to one hour. Once the appropriate time has been selected (minimum 10 minutes advisable - 15 minutes is the automatic setting), double tap share at the beginning of the rally so that the following action is recorded. Alternatively, at the end of each stage (or rally if a setting long enough has been selected) you can press share and then square to save the footage prior to selecting this option

(Credit to @Tigerkart_22/@DemoN F1)
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