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Introduce Yourself!


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Jan 12, 2014
Whether you're a new or an old member, drop a message in here to tell the community more about yourself.

Where are you from? What racing games do you play? Why did you join AOR? How did you find the site? Just a few questions to get your mind going. Feel free to share whatever you want!

And finally, welcome to the site! :)


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Jan 14, 2014
Hey! Thought I'd be the 1st to do this as it's a good starter!

I'm Troy if you hadn't already guessed, I'm 19, From North Ayrshire in Scotland and one of the original 50 (Something daft like 48th) of the old old ARL Site with Fisifan91, NillisLukins and StubbornGymnast.

I enjoy nothing more than sitting back, Sticking Oasis or The Stone Roses on through my 100W Speaker! I also enjoy playing guitar, Football and going to college (Yes I enjoy college) I play most racing games on the Xbox One and hold numerous top 100 times on FM5 X Class. Probably making a return to the F1 Leagues when F1 2014 comes out.

I joined what was the ARL Back in 2009 and I was basically looking for people who weren't gonna ram me every time I attempted an overtake, 1st race in the DTM On FM3 I finished like 9th out of 12, and from there on in I was "Hooked", Won my 1st race at China S2 And have went on to win 6 others including a hat trick of Melbourne victories! I am also the Mitusubishi Evo X Champion on Forza, Mind you, That championship was hilarious!!! You'll see me floating around on my Xbox on FIFA, Madden, BF4 Or FM5 so if you fancy a game don't hesitate to message me :)


Jan 13, 2014
Hi so im Anthony thought i drop a quick msg as a show of support i dont race on consoles anymore but i am a very active person on, add me if you like, (Anthony Byrnes) and if i can help just ask. also good luck fisi with the new site and to the others that help get it bk online

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Jan 13, 2014
Rewinding < < <

So I'm City, a now 24 y.o. (ARL closed on my birthday my oh my :( ) frenchman. I have a full time job in Paris and I'm a massive MUSE fan. ARL was and now still is my only reason to play F1 games. I originally joined something like 2 weeks before the start of Season 7, maybe more (or less), and found the webstite by its awesome videos.

Can't wait to race again. :cool:
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Jan 13, 2014
Hi my name is Josh, otherwise known as CaptainFalcon89 (Falcon). I was part of the PS3 side of the F1 league in L1 on Sunday and also race in the Gran Turismo section.

Time to start anew and looking forward to racing again.
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Jan 15, 2014
CaptainFalcon89;n469 said:
Hi my name is Josh, otherwise known as CaptainFalcon89 (Falcon). I was part of the PS3 side of the F1 league in L1 on Sunday and also race in the Gran Turismo section.

Time to start anew and looking forward to racing again.
See, I said to wooly, it wouldn't be the same pre-race lobby without you! :p


Hi guys, I'm Dan, been around a while now, since 2011 now, but still going! I'll be doing my bit for the site with the PS3 F1 league and helping where needed.

See you on track would be a cliche closing, but seems fitting with the new site n'all :D


Jan 14, 2014
Hi! My name is Eirik, a.k.a. Sub-Star, and I've been part of the Gran Turismo section of ARL for a year now. I'm a big drifting-fan, and I have a habit of driving more sideways than not (just ask those I race with...). I only play GT6 at the moment, but I've played my share of racing games on the PC when I was younger (I'm 29 now).

A massive thank you goes out to FisiFan91 and all the other guys who have helped out building this new site! :)

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Jan 15, 2014
Hi, I'm Dan, although everyone just calls me Blue. I'm 19 and at Sussex uni right now.

I joined ARL pretty early on, I think in 2009 so I've been racing in the F1 leagues since season 1...I remember I got pole position in my first race - it's all been downhill since then! When I'm not raging at Codemaster's incompetence I like to play football and ultimate frisbee. The only game I play a lot other than F1 is COD, which used to be fairly popular on ARL - I remember when we had a mini league going which was great fun.

Anyway, it's great to see ARL back.!


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Jan 14, 2014
alright lads, im luke aka thelivingdead69 and ive been a part of ARL since midway through season 6. due to the great competitive driving within the site, whether its socials or league races my driving has improved more than I thought it could and hopefully will carry on improving so I can challenge the F1 boys but we shall see. ive posted a link to my youtube channel with this comment so go ahead and subscribe, the favour will be returned. Anyway cant wait to get back racing in the ARL and a massive thanks to fisi and everyone who helped get this site up and running. just shows what a great F1 community can really do


Jan 14, 2014
Hello everyone! I'm Dominic, my racing handle is Althasil. I'm 25 and live in a small town near Cambridge, UK.

I had only joined the ARL recently before the closure of the original site, but hopefully I'm here to stay. I run with the guys in Split 3 on the PC leagues. Silverstone was a blast and I can't wait for some more wheel-to-wheel action this weekend!

A big thanks to everyone who has helped revive the ARL. I think it speaks volumes about the quality of the community behind the leagues.


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Jan 13, 2014

Dave here (Fieldfest) used to play ARL real early when it was on FM3 with the Subaru's, DTM etc, arranged a few 2 hour endurance races and played in the league on F1 2010. just bought F1 2013 and hope to do some racing when I get my hands on another wheel. Well done for getting the site up and running fisi,
a couple of vids from the early days:



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Jan 14, 2014
Hey everyone, I'm Adam (but you should already be aware of this). I'm 15 (16 I exactly 1 month) and live in Wakefield, West Yorkshire, in the north of England. I've been aware of the ARL's existence since last year, thanks to the help of YouTube, and I would occasionally look at the forums and catch up on all the juicy banter that is occurring in the leagues. I was going to join the league, but when I went to create an account, I was greeted with a ARL's closure. I usually play on F1 2013 (which I am bad at) and Gran Turismo 6 (which I am a bit better at) on PS3, and when I am not sleeping, Eating or stalking XMattyG's twitter page I mainly Draw or Animate. I also have a youtube where I post my animations, it'd be nice if you subscribed: I'm looking toward to racing on here, and I guess I'll see you all 'On the track'...or in the Gravel Trap if you're racing me. :)


F1 Champion
Jan 14, 2014
Hi guys, I'm Giovanni,23 yo, my gamertag is cdrwmagnex, and I come from Italy. I live in a beautiful city like Bari, which is on the adriatic see, in southern Italy. I'm a medicine student at uni. I love f1, watching all races and especially onboard videos and I'm a proud fan of ferrari and alonso of course! I play f1 games since I was a child: my first f1 game was f1 97 on psx, i think! I play codemasters f1 games since f1 2010 and now f1 2013, which I play on xbox 360. I discovered arl on youtube, one year ago, and I watch every kind of gameplay video (especially by fisifan and alex gillon). I'm joyining arl cause I was searching a place where it is possible to share my passion for this world, with clean racing. I'm sure i will enjoy my stay here. I'm very very sorry for my pour english!


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Jan 15, 2014
Great to read all of your messages so far guys, its great getting to know you all that little bit more.

A little about myself, My name Steve,and one of the sites older members here at 45, but hopefully not the oldest, and like most I assume love my virtual racing but wanted somewhere to race cleanly and fairly.and thats what originally brought me to ARL many a moons ago
Although I have never been as quick as some of the guys in the higher leagues, my passion for Fast Clean & Fair racing has always been my passion.
The community and yes that means you guys are amazing and will make this new site everything and more than our previous home, But the best part of the site besides the racing here is the friends made along my racing seasons at ARL and the culprits know who they are :p

The highlights for me in the last few seasons have been following the F1 League and the amazing F1 Highlights Fisi and the guys painstakingly put together to show us the amazing racing driven in F1, Truly amazing racing Guys !


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Jan 13, 2014
Well my turn :)]
Well mainly known on here for been called milky, dont ask. Im 19 and currently aint in any leagues at the moment but when F1 comes out on the PS4 im hoping to be back! ive been apart of the ARL since the end of season 1 and went on to win season 2 in a Wednesday league but since then i have not been so lucky! had a long passion about F1 even though i love Vettel ;) and all i can say is congratulations to everyone who was involved in making such a fantastic website to reunite all of us together again. im so glad i was a little T*** to darren it feels so good now :p


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Jan 13, 2014
Ok so I'll take the stick from here. My name is laurens,32 years old from holland. My nickname is lorrentz ( had an ex collegue from algeria who couldn't pronounce my name he kept calling me something that sounded like lorrentz :) ). I've raced a lot of gp2 in the early days on the pc along with a lot of other race games like toca racing etc etc. Haven't been playing much racers since then but recently I picked up the pace again and I still love it :) never raced much online cause I allways ended up in that stupid lobby's with a lot of morrons which only want to crash you out instead of a good fair race so I started to google and see if there were some community's and I ended up on youtube and saw a lot of fisifan movies :) that was exactly what I was looking for and decided to join the arl league. I just registrered a couple of weeks ago did the socials and ended up in f1 straight away since a lot of racers from that league quit. Only drove one race so far (silverstone) and after that I read the closure message on the old site so I was really disappointed luckely aero_crumb send the great message that fisi and some other were working on the revive of arl. Its great that its back alive !!! Many thnx to all the people who have helped to setup this new website. Happy racing all of you guys. See you back on track!! Lorrentz ( ps3 f1 sunday)


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Jan 14, 2014
Thought I'd tell a little about me to :) I'm Cas, a 15 year old boy from Limburg in the Netherlands. On the internet I'm known as Verenzak or TheVerenzak. This is my first season racing in this league and I've enjoyed every second of it so far :) I'm driving in Split 3 on PC. I'm not a very fast guy, but being consistent really helps! Got my first podium in Silverstone, finishing 3rd. The reason I joined is Fisi ;) somehow I found him on YouTube. Love watching the highlights. Thought I didn't have the pace to keep up with Split 3, but I'm managing pretty good, I think. I enjoy playing racing games, like F1 2013 (obviously), Assetto Corsa etc. Also play a lot of other games, mostly sandbox and indie. Hope I can have more good racing and I'll be able to be a part of this amazing community for a long time ;) Cheers TheVerenzak


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Jan 16, 2014
Hello(again) all I'm Liam, joined ARL Season 1 of F1 leagues at the old forums, haven't been in the F1 leagues for a few seasons now as my shift pattern tends to make me miss a lot of races. I became a moderator in the old forums and even started the Fifa leagues. Hopefully will see Fifa up and run again soon on this site and hope to see some of you there.
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