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Introduce Yourself!

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Semi-Pro Karter
Jan 19, 2020
Hi Everyone,

I'm from The Netherlands and currently living in de area of Eindhoven.

Always have been crazy about cars and racing. For some years I had a racing licence and drove with my fully prepared BMW 325i (Schnitzer) on circuits like Zandvoort, Assen, Zolder en Spa Franchorcamps. Still vivid memories. What a days.... The smell, the sound, the feeling, the adrenalin.... And all the guys. Best of that racing class was that everyone prepared his own car. So clean racing and respect was the absolute standard. Great!

Nowadays I use my PS4 with a Fanatec CLS Elite with brake mod and a RSeat 1. The racing game I play most is Project Cars 2. Sometimes I play Assetto Corsa. Thinking about building a PC for simracing.

I singed up to check out and join some championchips, race or maybe leagues (GT?). Still have to find out. Hope to meet clean, fair, precise and fast drivers.

Hope to see you on track!

Berno Reitsma
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Semi-Pro Karter
Jan 20, 2020
Hey, I'm Arran. I'm 14 atm and I'm from Glasgow. I largely play PC2 and F1 2019. Can't wait to race in GT3 later this year!
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Semi-Pro Karter
Jan 20, 2020

I'm Nick and i've been doing SIM racing games for a while, though never
really fully committed to it. I used to race my ZX10R and Aprilia RSV4 before I switched to racing Supermoto. I raced one full season of the Belgium/Dutch Championship, but broke my back 5 months back during a training. I'm all up and running, but for the meantime Simracing will be a nice substitute. I've joined the AOR ACC GT3 League for this season, so we'll see how it goes.


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Daniel Monteiro

Semi-Pro Karter
Jan 23, 2020
Hello everyone! My name is Daniel Monteiro and I came here to find an ACC league :) Been simracing on and off for over a decade now, across pretty much all the main sims.
I'm currently living in Scotland, have a rig worth more than 10 times my beloved Skoda Felicia, and I enjoy as much to have good battles on track as I do having a casual chat about anything and everything after the race. So see you all on the track soon enough!


Junior Karter
Jan 26, 2020
hi there fellow racers,

My Name is Dimis and I'm a Dutch Petrol-head.
Moved to Germany a long time ago and am living at stones-throw distance from the Nordschleife ever since.

Due to my work am only able to enjoy sim-racing for a couple of months a year at best.
Hope to find a Friendly and clean group where i can share the passion of racing with and have a few battles on track doing so.

Have a great day, see you on track.


Junior Karter
Jan 27, 2020
Hey there fellow racers.

Brand new member and excited about what awaits here. Name is Kenneth I'm 29, PSN is NeR_Lizard (Lizard) and for the moment I'm racing in a league for northern europe, Finland, Sweden, Norway and Denmark (where I'm from).
I just got into PC2 and hope to join in a upcoming season with AOR in the GT3 league. I'm driving without any assist and from cockpit view.

I race clean and fair and try to avoid contact in any race practice races as well as league races.
I've always been into racing and got my first wheel 2 years ago which only got me hooked even more. Currently driving with the CSL Elite set with V3 pedals and GT Omega Racing cockpit.

Hope to see you guys on track ^^

Cheers; Lizard


Junior Karter
Jan 17, 2020
Hey guys,

I'm Nico, 22yrs old, and currently living in a small town near Munich, Germany. I have been doing a bit of karting in my earlier days and i'm currently supporting friends at hillclimb events.

Been playing racing games for a few years now, but never really committed to simracing. Lately, i got into PC2 and ACC, hoping to join an AOR league in ACC.

Looking really forward to see you on the tarmac!



Junior Karter
Jan 8, 2020
Hello everyone!

My name is John Mason and I live in Pembrokeshire, West Wales. I am 65 years old and am a retired Electrical Engineer.

I use a T150 with Playseat Challenge which I think is fantastic! Ive played pretty much all tge F1 games but never done any league racing before.

My son @ColinRMason races in the PS4 F1 2019 league and I was so impressed with the organisation I had to become a member!

Im hoping to be accepted in the PS4 F1 2019 assist leagues for Season 19! Been practicing like mad!

Hope to see you on track soon! I wonder if I an the oldest member????


Junior Karter
Feb 14, 2020
I live in UK, I started back with PS last year after about a 5yr+ break.
I normally playing F1 & GT , started playing PC2 this year so I am a newbie.
I am looking to join a league where I can race in GT season with a single manufacturer & some different cars so I can get a better feel of the game.
I am not quick at present I am mainly try to keep consistent & clean & learn my braking zone.


Junior Karter
Feb 14, 2020

I am Chris, a 52 year old life time gamer. Started sim driving (Rally) 18 months ago, seriously from xmas 2018 when I received VR for xmas. Now I am crazy about sim rally driving, love it. Drive Faster! I stream mid-week on Twitch 2pm Uk. Found this site after watching Veloce_Iza on Twitch. Hello everyone.

Fred Delamotte

Junior Karter
Feb 20, 2020
Hello there ! Here is my presentation. I hope you will like it.

Where are you from?
I am from Paris in France.

What racing games do you play?
I aim at driving two sims: Assetto Corsa and rFactor 2.

Why did you join AOR?
I want to join AOR because actually I was looking at the best rF2 leagues on the web and since you are the first on Google search, I decided to pick you up.

How did you find the site?
By typing these keywords on Google: "rFactor 2 league".

I hope to have fun with you guys ! Oh, and I chose a ligue for attending clean races of course.