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Where are you from? What racing games do you play? Why did you join AOR? How did you find the site? Just a few questions to get your mind going. Feel free to share whatever you want!

Hey guys I’m Oz from the UK and have recently decided to get into sim racing. I’ve just picked up a Logitech G29 wheel with a play seat to get me going, I’ve decided to start on ACC and would like to eventually build the confidence to play in league games. Wondering where’s the best place to start off then or should I jump straight into a league if available?
I would very much encourage you to join a league as soon as possible. Even if you're not all that fast yet, we have a lot of tiers (in the GT3 league there are 10 tiers on PC, 6 on PS) so you will be matched with drivers of similar pace as yourself, which means you will always have people to race against. You will learn a lot of stuff from being in a league that you won't learn by just hotlapping or practicing by yourself.
The only thing I would make sure of before you decide to join a league is, are you a clean and safe driver? If the answer to that is yes (which it most likely is since you sought out a league racing community like AOR), then go for it :)


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Thanks for the reply! That’s great to hear and very encouraging, I’m on PC and would like to think I would be respectful when racing. I will get myself known within that section of the forum thank you again!

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Hello everyone! New to the forum but not new to simracing.
I started racing way back with Indy Car Racing II by Papyrus and the brilliant TOCA Touring Car Championship by Codemasters (yes I'm that old!)

The last few years I'm racing on Playstation and after the debacle that is Assetto Corsa on PS4 I am really into Assetto Corsa Competitizione which is really good and giving me that old skool racing feeling again.

I did some league racing back on PC with rFactor and I'm interested in joining a PS4 league ACC.


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Hello everyone. New driver here. Have some experience in a dutch racing community. Looking forward to joining acc league on ps4.
Sign ups are closed for the new season? Read about hotstint and evaluation races. Think I will have to wait for next season?

See you soon on track!