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PS4 Introduction Thread


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Jan 12, 2014
Hey guys, welcome to the PS4 Pro league! This is a thread for you guys to introduce yourself to your fellow racers for this season, to let them know a bit more about yourself and your views on the coming season!

Here's some general questions for you to answer, to get the ball rolling:

- Who are you (basically just tell us something about yourself if you wish)?

- What did you accomplish in Season 2 (if applicable)?

- What are your aims/goals for Season 3?

- What are you looking forward to in Season 3?


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Nov 20, 2015
Let's break the ice!

This is my first league season and am looking forward to some good battles and to have that competitiveness throughout the season.

There's only mine and @o-YOUNG-DAVE-o 's team (Cool Beans) that's entered so far....any other teams in the making or is the team championship ours already :D
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Jan 25, 2015
Hey guys! (y) My real name is Milo and I am a 17 year old who loves all kinds of Motorsports. My favourites being F1, WEC, Rallycross, DTM and more. As you can tell by my profile picture, Mark Webber is my favourite driver closely followed by Daniel Ricciardo.

This is also my first season and look forward to having some great battles. My aims are to be consistent throughout the season and be scoring some decent points. I don't expect to get any where near 1st place but you never know. ;)

I have chosen to race the McLaren, however do not have a team mate. If there is another driver racing with the McLaren and does not have a team mate contact me and we can come up with a team. :D


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Jan 14, 2014
Hello to all the newbies and it looks as though there's quite a few! I'm Chris and will be 60 years old by the end of this season. I guess I'm the oldest winner on Apex having taken 4 victories over 9 seasons. I make a living doing property renovations, in the last few years with Rickwales. As he is reserve, I think it will be fair to alternate races with him if there are no places? With that in mind, I won't be competing for the title unless someone drops out early in the season.
I look forwards to racing with everyone and hope there are plenty of close battles.

Alex Varic

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Oct 30, 2015
If you look at last season, I have a feeling being a reserve just means missing the first race :happy:. I wan't to make a team with linu but he hasn't replied. I am a ridicoulous motor racing fanatic who's quite good at karting, but I have enough of a life I've never bothered to get a wheel. I'm really slow, but good in wheel to wheel combat especially divebombs, and at the mercedes corner at hockenheim, round the outside divebombs, but I'm not expecting to do any in AOR :cry:.