IRACING - GTE LEAGUE - SEASON 8, ROUND 12 - myself and McNinch |

IRACING - GTE LEAGUE - SEASON 8, ROUND 12 - myself and McNinch

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Aug 24, 2019
League: iRacing GTE League - Season 8, Round 12 at Silverstone
Date: 2nd December 2019
Members Involved: @burnoutforzai and @mancSLO
Lap & Corner:
Lap 1 - Turn 1

Description: There are an incident infront of us and i was happy to pass. But behind me was very fast PRO and we can check in the video, what happend.

I would be grateful if the stewards could judge the incident.


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May 9, 2019
I did not expect you to swerve in front of me like that as it looked as if you were planning on going to the right of the spun car before quickly changing directions. At that point there was nothing I could do to avoid hitting you within the car's capabilities + my reaction times. After the contact I stayed on the power for a while was because I expected you to spin off of me (which was the best outcome from both of our positions as far as I'm concerned) but there was a bunch of net-code which made your car stick inside of mine hence why I got on the brakes after I realized.


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Aug 6, 2016
We have decided to give McNinch a reprimand. We believe he could have taken more care as soon as he saw the Porsche spinning. We also feel that he should have braked after the initial contact. Hoping the car in front spins away from you is dangerous, so slowing down would have been a safer option.

@burnoutforzai @mancSLO
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