iRacings excellent Driving School - relevant for all sims |

iRacings excellent Driving School - relevant for all sims


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Oct 19, 2016
Hi all,

I'd like to point all of you towards iRacings excellent driving school.
It's very relevant to you, no matter what sim you are driving.

You can find the entire playlist below. It's nicely split into several shorter sessions.
You may need some patience, as it's filled with praise and advertisement for their own product, but it's worth seeing beyond the aggressive self-marketing.
Click on the chapter titles to go directly to the video in question.

Chapter 1, introduction
mostly advertisement, in essence, introducing the concept and advertising the following videos.

Chapter 2a, vehicle dynamics
This video introduces the basic car controls and terminology as well as some physics.

Chapter 2b, vehicle dynamics part 2
It's about slip, driver input, load transfer and downforce.

Chapter 3a, Racing Line & Cornering
the basics of a racing line and cornering: turn in, apex, exit.

Chapter 3b, Corner types
Introducing different corner types and the approach to find the optimal racing line

Chapter 3c, Putting things together
Combining the two previous lessons and how to apply it.

Chapter 4, Using Your Eyes
It's all about awareness and looking ahead.

Chapter 5a, Braking Technique
Introducing threshold braking, brush braking and trail braking.

Chapter 5b, Braking continued
It's about brake bias, brake lock-up and braking points as well as how to apply them.

Chapter 6, Downshifting
Why we need to shift (hint: it is not to slow the car down), heel and toe technique and the various types of shifting controls found in racecars.

Chapter 7a, Race Craft & Passing - Understanding Race Craft
Part A discusses the golden rule of passing, running your own race so you can make a pass and finding the right spot to make a pass.

Chapter 7b, Race Craft & Passing - Technique
This section covers passing using the draft, passing in the brake zone and being smart when making a pass or getting passed.

Chapter 7c, Race Craft & Passing Etiquette
This covers passing etiquette (who's corner is it), defensive driving and general race awareness. Racing courteous is racing smart.

Chapter 8a,
Race Starts - Surviving Turn 1
The start of a race is the most tension filled part. Most incidents occur here and it is vital to prepare yourself to get through the start.
Part A discusses preparation - both mental and physical. Where are you starting the race? What should you be prepared for? How can you best position your car, and therefore survive turn 1?

Chapter 8b,
Race Starts
Introducing rolling starts and standing starts. When can I go? When can I pass? What do the lights mean? Your number one goal should be getting through the start, not trying to win in turn 1.

Chapter 9, Pre-Race (iracing specific)
we discuss the different session types including Practice, Time Trials and Qualifying.