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Is Assetto Corsa Worth it


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Mar 31, 2018
Yoyo peeps is Assetto Corsa worth it ( graphic wise and game wise ) let me know it in the comments below

Mazy CZ

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Jan 14, 2014
Short -> YES

Long -> Hell yes. Even though it is quite old game, the handling, ffb and how the car feels, for me is the best simulator. The graphics are not as good as it has a special engine with just 1 light source, the car models still look top notch. And it is not pricey at all. Every dlc is worth aswell


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Feb 15, 2018
I bought it for the Xbox One a few months ago. I have not played anything else since. It must mean something.


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Apr 3, 2018
I always wanted to test Assetto Corsa myself, espacially the PC Version because of the Mods & I will probably give it a try now since in between my Work Days I have still a lot of freetime to play different Racinggames. Maybe i will consider both Versions PC + Console & this pricey as possible since this Game is in store for quite a time now. I would let you know then what my personal Experiences were.

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