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XB1 Joining a league

Jack Lankester

Formula Karter
May 8, 2019
Hi I am wondering how long it takes for someone to review my application to join a league as I sent a message to the main sign ups and the time trial and I have not had a response yet. I dont mind waiting I just want to know if someone has seen my messages l.


Premium Member
Premium Member
Jan 14, 2014

First of all, welcome to AOR. Could you tell me for which platform and which league (assists/non-assists) you have signed up? I will go check for you.
From what I know currently is that most leagues are mostly filled up at the moment, so it might a bit longer for you to get placed. As we have to wait for a driver to drop out and open up a spot.

Also, we will probably be organizing league races for the F1 2019 game that's coming out soon as well. So keep an eye out for that :)