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PC Knockout PVP Rally Tournament [03/09/2017 @ 8PM UK Time]

Which of these classes is your favourite?

  • 4WD 2000cc

  • Group A

  • Group B 4WD

  • NR4/R4

  • R5 (excluding Hyundai)

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Pro Karter
Feb 21, 2017
Cheers @Banz for the event, hopefully there will be many more. Was lots of fun!

The tournament itself for me was a complete rollercoaster lol.
Round 2 I lost my connection which put me straight to losers bracket.
Losers Round 2 went pretty well, finished in 2nd place of the stage classification, but then the game crashed.
Losers Round 3 lost a tyre early on cause never driven Group B in Dirt 4 lol, but for some reason Marci got disconnected and I got his spot.
Losers Round 4 was the closest battle ever, prolly within a second or two of each other the whole stage, I lost by a small margin but @mirk had a 4s penalty from somewhere, was an awesome fight, cheers for that.
In the final me and @Banz were pretty head-on with each other the whole time with me slightly ahead, then something happened I think with Banz and I got a little gap that I managed to hold through to the end.
Honestly didnt think I could even come to top3 lol, been ages since I played Dirt 4, but was an awesome event and everybody was driving on very high level, props for that. Waiting for the next one...
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Reigning AOR Rally World Champion
Dec 8, 2016
Congratulations @Starving he is the winner of this event! (y)

HUGE Thank you for all the participants and for all the kind words and positive energy! :)

Possible improvement for next time:
- Start the event earlier if possible (or be sanic :D)
- I need to create cool web app for vetoing location and car class selection
- Have more than 1 organiser :rofl:

1. @Starving
2. @Andreas Zetterlund (Had the final spot but had to leave)
3. @Banz
4. @mirk
5. @gutai_marci @RoadRunner11
7. @BiscuitsHD @NatoGandalf

Once again massive thanks for everyone participating! :love:


Former Super Mod
Premium Member
Aug 11, 2016
Nice job @Banz, look forward to doing one of these when I'm on PC with you guys :)
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Andreas Zetterlund

Semi-Pro Karter
Aug 24, 2017
Great tournament! Loved the it, diden't expect to make it past the first round hence why I ran out of time haha. Everyone was so fast but I got lucky in every stage, disconnect from Starving first and then a few lucky close calls. Great run everyone!