Featured iRacing Koch vs Godin: A Tale of Two Teammates

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    Senna and Prost, Lauda and Hunt, Schumacher and Villeneuve, Vettel and Alonso, Hamilton and Rosberg. Motor racing loves a good rivalry, often it is the male version of Eastenders or Coronation Street. There is no amount of happiness, tears, anger and frustration that can be piled into one season; a quest for glory and for most, a quest that comes up short. But here, we have a title fight for the ages, two teammates, both alike in dignity, will test their mettle around a very treacherous Nurburgring Grand Prix Strecke. One a champion already, still looking to be only the second man to ever successfully defend an iracing AOR crown. The other has been a two season revelation and could be the first ever Austrian champion. This is a brand new tale of trials and tribulations, this is Koch vs Godin.

    Koch's Journey

    Christian Koch started the season very much on the front foot after winning the final round of last season at Interlagos and took the opener in a hard fought win over David Jarvis at Spa Francorchamps. Koch would however get onto the back foot very quickly as he would crash out of Phillip Island and choose to not start at Mosport. From there, Christian would run into trouble with Gunar Nijenhuis, colliding with him at Zandvoort during the pit window, ultimately finishing second, and then colliding with him on the final lap at Circuit of the Americas to collect the win. He would have to start at the back at Mid-Ohio in which he fought back for a well deserved sixth place, setting the fastest lap as well, before a run of four consecutive podiums and a fourth at Bathurst have left him heads and shoulders above the rest in a really difficult season.
    Christian has some of the most scariest stats to back up two impressive seasons. Over 70% of his races, he is finishing on the podium, with a 17.5% win ratio. We're talking about a driver who has only on two occasions failed to finish inside the top ten, and both times he failed to finish. In seventeen races, he's already amassed 396 points. Compare that to Steve Kagerer on 395.5 points, he collected those in seventy-one races! Koch has the third highest points per race ratio behind only Riku Alatalo, whose record in my opinion will never be broken, and Justin Brunner, the triple champion. Couple his average finish position of 2.8, it is only .2 off of Brunner, showing very similar stats, promise and now on the cusp of potential to be a champion.

    Godin's Journey

    Jean had a difficult start to the season, tangling with Gunar Nijenhuis at Spa Francorchamps before getting a podium, and then making a lap one mistake at Phillip Island before fighting back for fifth. Like Koch, he would miss Mosport but would finally kick off his season with a well deserved win at Zandvoort. Couple it with a fortunate fourth at Circuit of the Americas and second at Mid-Ohio, Godin was well on his way to another good season. Troubles did strike around the two thirds part of the season, not participating at Imola before an incident with Gunar Nijenhuis at Suzuka caused a 30 second repair job as he fought back to tenth. In his last three races, he has scored three podiums with a win at Road Atlanta, in a season where Godin hasn't had everything his own way. He is still in the fight and his form in the final third of the season has kept his defence of the crown alive.
    Jean has had a couple of mistakes and a fair bit of bad luck, but also some genius and marks of a champion. Having only an hour inside the car before qualifying at Suzuka, he somehow managed to get pole position. He has been very consistent also in the way he has collected his podiums. It hasn't been the most flamboyant of drives but there is method, there is consistency, and there are results. Granted, this season is by no means as successful as the last where he took four race wins to collect the title, but what this has been, is scrappy, and Jean has scrapped for every single point possible.

    Prediction plus stipulations

    (Disclaimer: all predictions do not include bonus points.)
    If Jean-Francois wins the race, Christian must finish 7th or higher.
    If Jean-Francois finishes second, Christian must finish 11th or higher.
    If Jean-Francois finishes third, Christian must finish 14th or higher.
    Jean-Francois cannot finish any lower than 5th to keep his title alive.

    My opinion on this final race is as follows. With my insider knowledge of the team, Jean is faster than Christian at the moment, which leads me to think that Jean will play the role of Senna and Christian the role of Prost. The last time i checked, Koch was four tenths slower than Andy Cowey, meaning that this final race could be a mid-pack struggle. Ultimately this race is going to be decided on misfortune. If there is no misfortune, Christian has the title, but being at a worse pace is going to mean there is more of a risk. Koch has got lucky this season, and now i wonder wether his luck will run out when he needs it the most.

    Jake Sparey's Prediction:
    Jean-Francois Godin wins the championship.​

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