Featured iRacing Koch Wins Debut Title on Effectively Home Soil

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    The title is secured after a third place finish, Christian Koch is the first ever Austrian FR2.0 Champion, despite strong competition from Teammate Jean-Francois Godin who won the race.

    Round twelve and the season finale came into view with one of only two drivers being able to take the title. Eighteen points the margin Koch had going in meant that a seventh place or higher would be enough to take the title if his teammate Godin could win the final race of the season. With the team's championship also secured, it would be every man for himself around the Grand Prix Strecke.

    Qualifying would be paramount and in the final minutes, Christian Koch proved he wasn't going to play the safety game as he snatched pole from his title rival with a 1.54.168. Godin had the chance to respond but running wide on his final lap would not be good enough to keep Koch at bay. Kerry Knowlden would be looking to spoil the party in third with Lm Rennsport's Michael Mittner in fourth. David Jarvis in the only Carbon Racing Blue car was fifth with Evo MR's Rene Osterkamp in sixth. Jordan Howson had a good qualifying in seventh while Swiss Superstar Patrick Kessler settled for eighth. Phil Reid would be heavily out of position, starting in fourteenth.

    The start would be clean and immediately Godin would go onto the offensive foot. By the end of lap one, he had made his way through at the NGK Schikane, and soon behind, both Knowlden and Mittner were looking to pounce, Mittner going almost fatally close to the back of Koch's wheel. Mittner would drop behind both Knowlden and Jarvis, getting frustrated, feeling he was quicker.
    Behind that, Kessler would slow up and so would Cowey, as the gaggle of cars around them would inevitably end in catastrophe. Phil Reid would go around after collecting Lee N Robinson, along with a host of other cars including Martinsen and Domiter. Cowey would be out along with Frederick Johansson.

    All would be hectic for Mittner as twice he would be blocked on the straights by David Jarvis, to clear frustration over the radio. This would allow the likes of Osterkamp and Howson to close before the stops occurred. Meanwhile, Christian Koch, very safe for his title in second would be overtaken by Knowlden as he pushed onwards to find the rear of Godin. Koch would stay behind until the pit window opened.
    The only real other retirees from the race were from disqualifications as Lee N Robinson, Kris Robinson and Mathis Hebert would all go over the limit. Rene Osterkamp would try to make the undercut work however it only worked on Michael Mittner, who's spin before his stop at the Coca Cola kurve ended any hopes of passing David Jarvis. Jordan Howson would also spin, leaving Osterkamp lonely overall in fifth.
    There wouldn't be any scrap to the line, but Jean-Francois Godin did everything he could in the end, however victory wouldn't be enough as Christian Koch came home behind Knowlden in third to take his maiden title by eleven points overall. It was a fantastic comeback effort by the season one champion but in the end, not enough overall. David Jarvis would announce his break from the series for at least one season at the last race, despite a well deserved fourth.

    Christian Koch (274) wins the title by eleven points over Jean-Francois Godin. (263) Kerry Knowlden (228) Scrambles up to third after a rejuvinated second half of the season. Michael Mittner (212) comes home ahead of David Jarvis (206) and Phil Reid (205) who both lead the championship at some stage this season.
    Evo Sonic post the highest ever two man team score in history, collating 537 points in a season. Aperture Motorsports (433) came incredibly close to last season's winning post but still fell very far short. LM Rennsport (371) Will be pleased with their efforts after an up and down season for both drivers. Carbon Racing Blue (308) will be furious that their efforts didn't do more, and with a lot of drivers moving out for next season, it is clear that there needs to be direct focus on the series from the institutional name. Force Fisi (228) will also be happy after a solid points haul in fifth.

    The season shines bright for Evo Sonic, and for Christian Koch, he reaches immortality, a champion, deserved.​
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