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PC Lap 1 Incident Tier 1

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AOR PC GT3 S11 Tier 2 Champion
Jun 6, 2018
Platform + League: PC ACC season 2
League Coordinator: @Chloé
Date: 5-11-2019
Members Involved: @Ulti
: I won't describe what happened there, you can see it in the video. He didnt wait after that. I lost 8 or 9 positions and I had damaged oversteery car after the hit. Most important thing is I lost my concentration in the first lap. I'm sure you know what I mean.
This is my first enquiry in 5 AOR seasons. I'm really tired of losing positions this season for no reason. I just want a punt free race in "ELITE" League. Especially in the first lap.
From now on, I'll report anyone who hits me.



Formula 4 2nd Driver
May 5, 2016
Copy pasted from the other thread.

Yeah, idk really how I could've avoided the accident. Didn't know there was a big collision up ahead and didn't expect cars to come to a complete standstill. There was no yellow flag or anything beforehand and Kapo really slowed down a lot before i gave him a nudge.

I probably could've stopped and waited, but with the amount of cars behind it would've probably caused another incident. Probably the wrong call, dunno
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Mar 16, 2019
Moved to stewards

Head Steward

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Jan 25, 2014
The stewards have agreed to award @Ulti a 20 seconds time penalty + 15 penalty points for causing a moderate avoidable collision and failing to wait for the affected driver.

Closed. @Chloé
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