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Closed lap 1 incident TL

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Stewart Macdougall

Formula 4 Test Driver
Platform + League: ps f3
League Coordinator: @CragglesD
Date: 12/09/21
Members Involved: @ShaunG123 @Stewart Macdougall
Description: i received a track limit violation for being pushed out wide into turn 3 by @ShaunG123 we spoke after the race and he didnt realise i was there due to wjoor lagging and as you can see from the video he was moving around quite a lot due to latency. i believed i was squeezed off the track and picked up a penalty due to avoiding the collision initially.
1. incident
2. race directory
i have also got two other steward enquiries in at present which if overturned would lower my violation to only two track limits for the race
Not open for further replies.