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Apr 16, 2014

I just wanted to raise the issue of the unnecessary use of voice comms we are having for the past few races, I thought the idea of having to use a push to talk setup was to eliminate chit chat and unwanted noise from wheel heavy breathers etc ( I'm a previous heavy breather offender from last season.
I have a mute button assigned but do not really want to use it, but again I also do not really want to hear race incident disagreements and live audio blog that we had now and then last race.

just wanted to know the official view on this please @H_pro1

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Sep 19, 2014
Good that you started this topic, as I am very aware of this 'problem' but I tend to forget to talk about it here.
You are right, the push to talk was brought to minimize the noise when racing. I have to admit that sometimes I also get too exited when talking (the past races) and I keep on talking while forgetting that we have this rule.

This is a reminder for everyone to please try to be as quiet as you can while qualifying and racing. You are free to discuss and share your thinking while in loading screens etc. but please try to avoid unnecessary chatting and arguing when we are in sessions, as this can affect concentration drastically.

During league races while cars are on track, chat should be kept to a minimum, as people will be concentrating on their driving. Only important messages or information should be given during this time. Head over to the social channel should you desperately need to chat away with someone.
If you experience a frustrating moment in a race, please avoid voicing your instant annoyance or anger via the voice chat, as this creates an unpleasant atmosphere and could majorly put other drivers off. Take a breather, calm yourself down and wait until after the race has finished, or do it on the forum.
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