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League Update & General Information

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Jul 27, 2018

Hi everyone! I have an important update regarding the current status of the rFactor 2 Endurance League.

First and foremost; we hope that you can accept our most sincere apologies, due to the unfortunate recent events in failing to launch this league as previously planned. The coordinators have dedicated a lot of their personal time to get the rFactor 2 Endurance League off the ground, but ultimately, key elements of the project failed, which crippled the entire process, and left us with regrettable and rushed last minute decisions. Today however, I hope that I can shed some light on the future of this league, and reassure you that the same problems will not repeat themselves.

Following internal discussions with various rFactor coordinators and AOR representatives, we will seek to reshuffle the current team of coordinators, with the aim to bring new members on board to reinforce all aspects of the team and the league itself.

This means however, as it currently stands, we have to place the rFactor 2 Endurance League on standby. In turn, this will give the team more time to pull resources together, and launch the league properly when it is ready for you all to take part.

In the meantime, I would personally like to ask you all for your patience, and kindness towards the entire AOR team while we work on these changes.

Thank you all.


rFactor2 Coordinator
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rFactor2 Coordinator
Mar 6, 2018
Hi all,

I have to assume that many of you have been following along on the AOR Discord server as there have been questions asked regarding your opinions on a variety of different topics. I have been spending a considerable amount of time in overhaul mode, trying to put together staff, a calendar that is suitable for most, and a new points system that rewards all of the great traits of endurance racing.

At this point, I have completed these tasks, as well as reviewed the rules regarding the series as a whole. I cannot announce anything at this juncture, but things are beginning to fall into place. I have designed the series with the hope that there will be backing by Studio 397, while remaining fun and challenging to you, the racers. I deeply understand that many are extremely unhappy with how this first go-round has gone, and quite frankly the whole situation has left a bad taste with too many within the community. The groundwork that has been laid out by the team here at AOR is solid and will provide highly entertaining racing for both teams and viewers alike.

I ask for a bit more time while we begin building up from here. There are a few more steps yet that are required before we announce formally, but rest assured that you will be quite pleased.
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