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LeMans 1998 (Part of the VLN Series Race 5)

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Which track and setup do you want?

  • VLN Nürburg Combined BMW M1 Pro (own setup)

    Votes: 1 3.4%
  • VLN Nürburg Combined BMW M1 Pro (default setup)

    Votes: 3 10.3%
  • LeMans 2.4Hrs GTE

    Votes: 8 27.6%
  • LeMans 2.4Hrs GT1 (no Ferrari) + LMP900

    Votes: 16 55.2%
  • LeMans 2.4Hrs 1969 Class A Prototype + Class B (Ford & Ferrari)

    Votes: 1 3.4%

  • Total voters


F1 Multiple Race Winner
May 26, 2016

Hello everyone!

Our fifth race of the season in the VLN Series 2019 will be a POLL VOTED race track.
The Poll have decided on going back a century and visiting LeMans in the 1998 cars for a full day and night cycle.
Special decision: driving aids will be set to OFF! Some of the cars don't have any.
Also it will be a forced default setup! (I tested all cars on default and think came up with a fair selection that can compete with each other for close racing)

There will be NO qualifying. A reverse grid will be setup according to driver points and thereafter random grid placement by who first enters the lobby. (explanation will follow in 2nd thread)

Event Information:
● Track:
Le Mans
Date: 4 July 2019
Lobby opens: 19:30 (UK time)
● Qualifying: NONE
● Race starts:
19:45 (UK time)
● Event car: GT1 ONLY: 911 GT1-98, CLK-LM, Esperante GTR1 (dlc) and F1 GTR LT, the other cars (F50, GT-One and R390) are not allowed
● Event format:

  • Qualifying: NONE (I will post the relative starting order as per sign ups on the evening before race night (reversed grid by points and newcomers will start according grid position after all point drivers have formed up.
  • Race length: 2.4hrs (x10)
In-game time-of-day information (time progression x10):
  • In game date: actual race date
  • in game start time (qualifying): N/A
  • in game start time (race): 15:00
Lobby settings:
  • Weather: Light Cloud + Clear + Clear (sync to race)
  • Assists: OFF!!!
  • Damage: ON
  • Mechanical failures: YES
  • Tyre wear: Authentic (x1)
  • Fuel: Authentic (x1)
Rules and regulations:
  • Track limit and drive-through penatlies: ON (drive through off, if this is an option)
  • Pit exit penalty: ON
  • Competitive Racing License: OFF
- Start: manual rolling start, no formation lap (See information below!)
- Pitstop: Manual

Non-standard we will do 124mph/200kph formation lap untill the Porsche Curves. Slowing down and leavning enough space for every corner that you can not take with that speed ;-). After the Porsche curves we will SLOWLY reduce speed to 80mph/130kph, in order to fluently reduce speed once more at the formation zone to 50mph/80kph.

Formation Zone

Acceleration Zone

Drivers (1/??)
  1. @Col.McCoy
  2. @Alstevens83
  3. @DiRTMark
  4. @F4H MaR4uDer ???
  5. @Pirate ???
  6. @Logan ???
  7. @o Coxon o ???
  8. @WMDRMartin ???
  9. @AndrexUK ???
  10. @inkychris
  11. @Xeonski
  12. @George Crusader
  13. @D.Brezancic ???
  14. @Kleinstein
  15. @dakuza
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F1 Multiple Race Winner
May 26, 2016
This is a social race, however people previously having visited the VLN (and gathered points) will have perks over 'new' drivers.

In order to reward drivers that return to this serie, a point system has been introduced with the first Social race.
This system does not reflect any rankings!
It only awards those drivers that show up for a race, finish them and/or take podium places.
During the 2019 serie, the system will develop and future class selection 'may' depend on the amount of points you have gathered.

For this race, following points can be earned:
Attendance: 1 point
Finishing: 2 additional points
Finishing 3rd: 4 add. points
Finishing 2nd: 6 add. points
Finishing 1st: 8 add. points

Following information is only relevant if we have a full lobby:
In order to keep the system fair and avoid abbusement of points by drivers that already gathered them, there will be a penalty for people who sign-up and not show up (or cancel there sign up less than 12 hours in advance). This penalty ONLY occurs, when there are 30 or MORE drivers signed up ofcourse!
The penalty for not showing up will be: MINUS 2 points, where you can never go below -2!

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F1 Multiple Race Winner
May 26, 2016

@Andrei Voicu
@Ardjoune Srikanth
@Azar Alamouri
@BMW /// M-Power
@Captain Slow
@eaZed neptune
@EVR Matt212
@F1 racer
@F4H MaR4uDer
@Felix Thorvil
@Flaming Parrot
@Flecky und Sky
@GTS - FusionFR
@GTS - Vv
@Gurken Koenig
@Henry Gordan
@J Peaches
@Jordy van Oosten
@marley 57
@Mr. Van Ommen
@Raging Beard
@Rali 16
@RWB Rodders
@Salvo Failla
@Tex Wheeler
@The Hunter
@Tragic Bronson
@VSR Davidben

1 @AndrexUK / SCO
6 @Zenvoh / UK
10 @Bezerka / UK
13 @Louis / UK
16 @Spudbuster7 / UK (Blacklisted from GT3 = No shows)
20 @aaren / Portuguese
24 @Jardier / Czech
25 @J Peaches / US
26 @inkychris / UK
28 @Kleinstein / Austrian
30 @Minesco2 / UK
31 @Sgarky / UK
35 @dalking38 / UK
36 @LeoNTheSickOne / Sweeden
37 @Jarmo / Sweeden
40 @Scott Burnett / Sco
45 @And0r / Ger
53 @NuunuMarkus / Danish
55 @AshManDjango / UK
57 @Andrew Harper / UK

GTE (26)

2 @Beau / UK
3 @BMW /// M-Power / Austia
4 @D.Brezancic / Serb
5 @TicklishPicklewickle / Danish
7 @Flaming Parrot / UK
9 @Ulti / South African
12 @SirBlastelot / Belgian
15 @I_Barclaycard / UK
17 @Backe Gabrielsen / Norwegian
19 @ScottV / UK
23 @dakuza / Finnish
29 @Mali Baćo / Serbian
32 @Portaa / UK
33 @Mr. Van Ommen / Dutch
34 @Col101 / UK
38 @/CSR/ speedy.go / Croatia
39 @o Coxon o / UK
41 @Smolda / Czk
42 @Royalt / South African
43 @atlasgehirn424 / Italian
46 @Chloé / Fra
47 @krop / Polish
48 @MaCRacing13 / UK
51 @igor55 / Belgium
52 @TheGW / UK
56 @Lorentzen_94 / UK

27 @F4H MaR4uDer / Spain
54 @Col.McCoy / UK

8 @XzweN / US
11 @EVR Matt212 / UK / LMPH
14 @Jordy van Oosten / Dutch
18 @Beppo / Ger
22 @Logan / US / LMPH/GTE / US
49 @Xeonski / Fra
58 @DiHeidi / Italian
59 @Ravelic / Fra / GTE
60 @BlackPanthor / Belgium
61 @AJLewis1988 / UK / LMPH
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Formula 3 Reserve Driver
Oct 31, 2017
Hey @Col.McCoy , if we end up doing any of the Le Mans options, will those be with fixed default setup too or is it a free for all there?


F1 Multiple Race Winner
May 26, 2016
FREE.... cuz i dont think we will do it.. and if it turns out we do, everybody has the same amount of time to change the setup probably :p
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F1 Multiple Race Winner
May 26, 2016
The VLN, properly the Veranstaltergemeinschaft Langstreckenpokal Nürburgring (Association of Nürburgring Endurance Cup Organisers) is an organisation of motorsport clubs of which each hosts one event of a nine-race series held on the Nürburgring Nordschleife, the "VLN Langstreckenmeisterschaft Nürburgring" (VLN Endurance Racing Championship Nürburgring).
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Formula 3 Reserve Driver
Dec 7, 2017
Maybe allow multiple answers in the poll, I voted for Le Mans GTE, but I would also do the M1 VLN.


F1 Multiple Race Winner
May 26, 2016
@Pirate I understand but I purposely did not do multiple votes.
I expect (people like you and me) that no matter what track is voted, some people will come no matter what they voted.
So doing it like this is a better indication on what the 'real preference' is.

Guys as for decision... latest Thursday evening 27th of June the answer carrying the most votes will win.
If its a clear decider after the weekend, we can make the decision earlier, but latest 27th of June!


F1 Multiple Race Winner
May 26, 2016
It looks to be pretty clear we are going to do some historic racing!
Please also vote if you are IN for the race.
As soon as one of the vote hits 15 we will decide for this one, even if this is before the 27th!

F4H MaR4uDer

Formula 4 2nd Driver
Dec 3, 2017
@Col.McCoy , in the LMP900 would be only the Ferrari 333 SP and the BMW V12 LM, since the others are of following years and do not enter, such as the Toyota, the Audi and the Bentley, the Toyota since there is one in GT1, thus not there would be duplications.
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F1 Multiple Race Winner
May 26, 2016
@F4H MaR4uDer I just did some testing and if we want the LMP900 to compete with the GT1, than only the Ferrari is allowed (of the LMP900s, all other cars are too fast)

As for GT1, its very balanced IMO.
As for LMP900 on its own, the Ferrari can't compete with the other LMP900s (its worse, to drive and in topspeed). The LMP900s could be an 'open car only'. This way the Toyota and Bentley are out and it is more balanced.

I will do some default testing setup untill thursday. This way we know which cars are balanced in default and nobody has to spend time tweaking the car, just learning the car and track and this way I hope more people are interested

o Coxon o

Formula 3 Test Driver
Jul 17, 2016
I personally love driving the Bentley it's one of my favourite lmp cars of all time & if it is to fast I'm sure my lack of driving talent will more than balance things out :p


Project CARS Coordinator
Staff member
PCARS Coordinator
Aug 13, 2018
Just because I have actually spent a bit of time checking the balance of both of those class, the LMP900's are pretty balanced as a class other than the Audi which is quite a bit faster than the rest of the class, the Ferrari is slow on tracks with long straights as you said however. If memory serves me right the GT1 class is balanced if you exclude the Merc, Ferrari and the Toyota. That then leaves the Panoz, which is faster but held back due to lack of ABS with realistic driving aids, the McLaren, the Porsche, and the Nissan which is only good on tracks like Le Mans.

You can actually run the two classes together, there is about a 10-15 second time lap time delta at Le Mans, if you wanted too.

Personally I enjoy driving with either of the classes, so you can count me in for this one.
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F4H MaR4uDer

Formula 4 2nd Driver
Dec 3, 2017
@Col.McCoy The Nissan R390 GT1 without a good setup is unbeatable in Le Mans, the Ferrari 333 SP LM with a good setup is there fighting, but rather it is an event to have fun imitating the le mans of 1998.
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F1 Multiple Race Winner
May 26, 2016
@Logan @F4H MaR4uDer as you both say its about fun and enjoying ourselves.

I would love it that everybody has his own choice and can drive whatever they want.
But if we just have like 10/15 people than doing this 'multiclass' even if its just a 10-15 sec difference is still too much to really enjoy racing without enough people


Project CARS Coordinator
Staff member
PCARS Coordinator
Aug 13, 2018
@Col.McCoy That is very true. My suggestion would be to go for GT1 as it seems to be the class that has the most interest.


F1 Multiple Race Winner
May 26, 2016
Just tested out all GT1 cars with default setup.
IMO they easiest way to get as many people racing in a stable car and some nice close racing is doing a default setup withOUT the Ferrari, Toyota and Nissan.
Even do driver aids OFF.

This way we have 4 pretty balanced cars... at least no cars are standing out with topspeeds advantages.

The other option would be to leave whole the GT1 class open.... everybody can grab their ideal car and take a setup from the TimeTrial. This means more time consumption for everybody and I think will result in less close racing.

Anybody has any thoughts? Espeically the guys who tested something?
@AndrexUK @F4H MaR4uDer @Logan @wolfgang