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PC Let's talk about this Season 9!


AOR PC GT3 Semi-Pro S8 Champion
May 22, 2017
@Shooter80 haha would not called it luck to get into a team with me :rofl:.
Its not like i made you faster or better and i'm not one of the Alien guys :cat:.
Was a pleasure to have you in my Team (y), too bad @Doc and @Niclas Domino left our BMW arrangement but we quickly found other guys to practice with and talk about the car.
And i think we made the BMW work very good in the end.
Our Bathurst finish is one of my highlights for me as a Team :) we made it almost clear through and finished close to the top.
Longbeach had a little "OH NO! NO NO NO!!!!" moment yeah :rofl:.

I think we end up in the same tier next season aswell, but i dont think i'll drive the BMW again so we will not end up in the same team with your BMW addiction xD but i know you're a very good driver and i'm looking forward to race you and ofc every one else next season :)

@WMDRMartin yeah maybe it also has something to do with not driving a wheel.
You're 100% very good on your pad :) but i guess its easyer to recover a drift or drive with a lose car (what often ca happend in the race-start and after a spin even more) on a wheel.
For the lose rare, you should check your setup with the Suspension calcualtor if the back is softer than your front.
Its not always the case and if you will have problems on race (had the same problems in the beginning).
->its when suddenly your car feels very different from your practice.
Its caused by the setup and if you overpush the tires for the first laps. (+ the rubber on the track from other cars/dirt on the track/dirty air/corners are hoter than in your practice session even if the overall track temp is the same)
AND when you spin your tires are done for atleast 2 laps anyway and you need to go easy on them like for the first 1-2 race laps.