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Mar 18, 2016
Hey guys, as you have maybe heard already we will have our Races streamed on the official ApexOnlineRacing YouTube Channel. The commentary for this Season will be provided by @A.O.R Evildragon and @OTG , so give them a warm welcome. In this thread we will store all the livestreams, so you can quickly access them post race.

A main element of the coverages will be post race Interviews, obviously this is not mandatory, but we'd like to see you all involved in the coverage and hopefully as many of you as possible will be avaiable for post race interviews. Make sure to add the commentators on PSN if you want to be involved. Please state in this thread if you are avaiable for post race interviews or not.

@Ollie_D631 @SynTeTiC96 @Rc-Alonso44 @clarky_110 @Klayyyyyy @ch1cken1990 @Curly @DeAgLeKiLLeR @Jemzoh @Floriswijers33 @dawidos_1150 @Overdykink @JIM-NardyXTeam @TheXocolateHD @JIM_pasti @VP_DamnDqniel @burakpala05 @Cas_0807 @IRT_AlvaroMasia