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  1. Christian Koch (Evo Sonic)

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  2. David Jarvis (Carbon Racing Blue)

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  3. Jean-Francois Godin (Evo Sonic)

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  4. Gunar Nijenhuis (Carbon Racing Blue)

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  5. Kerry Knowlden (Aperture Motorsport)

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  6. Michael Mittner (LM Rennsport)

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  7. Kristian Takacs (Red Devil's Sim Racing)

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  8. Phil Reid (Aperture Motorsport)

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  9. Other

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    Christian Koch started the new AOR Formula Renault 2.0 season just like he finished off the last one, collecting a race win at Spa Francorchamps ahead of the very impressive David Jarvis on his debut after running heavier fuel in the opening stint.

    Anticipation was high heading into the new season with brand new drivers and teams entering the fray, with all eyes focussing on the four teams at the top, Carbon Blue, LM Rennsport, Aperture and the newly formed Evo Sonic. Many were expecting to see a real scrap this season with many drivers gaining time over the “winter period”.

    Qualifying threw up a couple of shocks, with debutant David Jarvis getting pole with a time of 2.17.921, the only man to break into that barrier. Evo Sonic locked out the next two positions with Koch out-qualifying his teammate and current champion, Jean-Francois Godin. Gunar Nijenhuis would line up fourth for the second of the Carbon Racing Blue cars, meaning like so often in Formula One, two teams dominated the front two positions. “The Godfather”, Kerry Knowlden qualified on row three with Red Devil’s Sim Racing’s Kristian Takacs, both six tenths off the pace with newcomer Lars Jacobsen and resident Mr.Consistency, Andy Cowey locking out row four. Many would feel that Phil Reid struggled in qualifying again, only placing the sister Aperture Motorsports car on row six with Michael Mittner.

    The race start was clean by all, as the thirty-five Formula Renaults danced up the Eau Rouge hill and through Raidillon down the Kemmel Straight, special praise had to be given to Evan Imray who for the second straight time, made it through unscathed. Up front Koch had made the move ahead of Jarvis down at the Les Combes complex, but drama a little behind, with Mittner getting tagged by Lee N Robinson. The corner with no name would claim a mighty scalp with a massive lap one incident involving most of the mid to late field, as contact with Manuel Heuer resulted in a massive pileup, seeing cars fly around in multiple directions.


    The drama didn’t finish on lap one either. Heading out of Blanchimont and down to the Bus Stop Chicane, the rivalry between Godin and Nijenhuis escalated further, with Godin tapping the back of Nijenhuis, sending him up on two wheels. This would send Nijenhuis down the field, damaging his car, and eventually would retire three laps later due to a second incident.


    Within the next few laps, Godin would struggle getting accustomed to the track, losing positions in relatively quick succession to both Aperture Motorsport cars and Kristian Takacs, before regaining his composure and attempting to recover his race. In this time also, drivers were falling left and right with the likes of Tye MacLeod and Vittorio Saltalamacchia retiring from the race early, with Lee N Robinson going over the seventeen incident limit, thus being disqualified.

    The pit stop window came and with larger fuel tanks for the new season, strategy was always going to play a key role in the racing this season. Despite this however, many drivers were content to make their stops similar to last season, with Aperture coming in around lap fourteen. Godin would stay out a little longer, almost jumping Knowlden but in the end, unable to down the Kemmel Straight. Despite this, Godin would make the move and take the fastest lap also, pushing hard to eventually make a two second gap.

    Meanwhile in the two way scrap for the lead, Jarvis had pit around the same time as Aperture, filtering out into clean air, however it would be not until lap twenty that Koch would make his stop, and leapfrog the debutant by two seconds. The gap would erode in the final few laps but it wouldn’t be enough as Christian Koch took his second race win in two meetings. Jarvis would come home in second with Evo Sonic’s Jean-Francois Godin collecting the last spot on the podium, cementing the constructor’s championship in their favour early on.

    After the race, penalty points were handed out to Lee N Robinson and Jean-Francois Godin for their incidents throughout the opening lap, which will put them on notice for the rest of the season. Once three penalty points are accumulated, then harsher penalties will be applied which is worrying for these drivers, especially for the reigning champion.

    Round two will head to Australia for Phillip Island and with that circuit being the playground of the current champion, many are looking at dominance from the French Canadian.

    Full Round 1 results:

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