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PS4 Many Problems have happened


PS4 S14 F4 and PCars S9 GT3 Semi-Pro Champion
Jan 15, 2017
Morning gents

My internet has been playing up for the last day or so now it has been installed. It will by no means be quick enough to race with on Sunday at the moment. I am attempting to have it fixed before tomorrow evening. If it isnt I wont be able to take part without lagging all over the screen and that isn't fare for a championship finale.

If I don't race this weekend it has been a pleasure racing with you all this season when I have been able to race. Hopefully we will all be racing again soon in S14 :)


Formula 3 Reserve Driver
Jul 13, 2015
abit of lag might do wonders ;)

had a few good races with you especially spa so all the best