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Stephen Beswick

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Jan 2, 2020
Manchester, England
Hello All,

For those that have not already had the misfortune, I endeavor to live stream all races but I will also look to produce a highlights video after the race in which there is a summary of the championship going into the race, a summary of the results and a recap of how badly some of us are doing in the drivers and teams championships. I also babble commentary over the race highlights too so you can be regaled as I massacre everyone's name and forget what team they are driving for.

Do well enough and you'll be able to hear the bitterness in my voice as I announce you are top of the championship that week :p

I'll post links here and in each relevant races thread as I add stuff but anyone else who adds content for our tier please feel free to add in too. :)


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Mar 5, 2019
Team Lusus.png

Team Lusus

@Shuar #224 - Portugal
@peluprvi #12 - Brasil

Name reference:

S5 Race 4 Shuar POV -

Stay safe - See you on the track!!