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Stephen Beswick

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For those poor souls that have not suffered before I not only stream races on YouTube (you can listen to me complain about my car, other cars, Krops weather settings, etc) I pull together highlights show of the race with commentary and a championship update etc.

So drive well and you'll get some screen time. Punt me and prepare to be the villain of the season :)

I'll post links to each race in the race thread and also into this media thread, please feel free to add links to your own broadcasts too.

This is the playlist for the recent GT3 season:


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Im not sure why link from twitch is like that but its working. You just have to click on "twitch" in the lower right corner.

Steve Allan

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For some reason, the site doesn't like a link to Twitch. I know when I tried to use one for a stewards enquiry it wasn;t working then.

Stephen Beswick

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Update - I won't be doing a highlights for the first round and am unlikely to do so for the remaining rounds - if I participate.

I was very unhappy at the end of the first race regarding how some changes were managed and the position of this series. Live streams will continue if I am racing.