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PS4 Monaco Quali laps


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Feb 10, 2015
Thread wasn't up when I was going to post it here and then I forgot about it. Here it is anyway



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Mar 18, 2016
what's the point of uploading laps? if those who don't get no warning or punishment? @alexukr
me being unexpectacally busy mid-week meant that i could barely keep up with stuff on AOR apart from the most necesary (racethreads lol)

I think its now for the best to transform this into a gentlemens agreement, bc from what i have have seen this season has been really good in terms of trust between the drivers and on tracks like monaco and russia the quali laps were for the most part as clean as they can get.

S12 was similarly relaxed as this one here so i think its for the best to let it be.
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