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Dec 4, 2018
Platform + League: PS4 F2
League Coordinator: @Casper24-F1
Date: 11.8.2019
Members Involved: me and @Raffa
Description: At first in the end of lap 3 and in the beginning of lap 4 I was faster than him and tried to overtake him into first corner. As you can see from my video already on the straight he moves his driving line many times and I had to be very careful to not hit him so I took the easy option and went outside. Then when the corner came I tried to hang outside of him because in the second corner obviously I'm on the inside. I would have succeeded to complite that manouver if he wouldn't have turned into me and caused me to almost spin and lose one place to ruben. Then on the next lap exactly in the same place on the main straight he just lets ruben go without any defending. Then at the moment and still now I'm like "Umm okay? Is this personal?" It was disturbing. Then again on lap 5 after he let ruben go I was just right up in his gearbox and I tried to overtake him immediately when I got the chance. He got bad exit from the first corner of sector two so I of course tried to overtake him into next corner but he gave me no room and turned into me again and this time he got his job done and I spun in to the wall. And after the race in the chat he said that it wasn't an overtaking place but I don't understand why defended so much if it wasn't an overtaking place. Of course there were also other disturbing stuff what both said but no comment on those now.
Evidence: from 0.20 to 2.03.


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Mar 27, 2017
Moved to the stewards.

Head Steward

Head Steward
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Jan 25, 2014
The stewards have reviewed the evidence and they have decided:

- For the incident that resulted @Kiiski123 to lose a part of his front wing, we think that @Raffa is at fault here. Even though @Raffa knew that @Kiiski123 's car was on the inside, he turned in on him resulting him to crash. We therefore give @Raffa a 10 second time penalty and a 10 penalty points for causing a moderate avoidable collision.

- For the T1 incidents, there will be no further action.

We also want to give a warning to @Raffa for his weaving on the straight. If this happens again in the future, more severe actions will be taken.

Closed. @Kiiski123 @Raffa / @jomppalainen
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