New to AOR, race me! ;O [PC]


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Heey guys and gals,

After racing f1 cars for 3 years on ps4 i moved to PC right now, and i have to say it feels smooooth.
I am a 30 year old guy from Holland i have a wife and 2 kitties and i work fulltime as a warehouse manager right around the corner of our appartment.
As a child i watched f1 with my dad but it never sparked my interest entill Max Verstappend went from Toro Rosso to Red Bull, after that i was pretty much hooked.
I bought an f1 game and not long after a wheel and pedals.
Right now my setup is a little nicer and ive been driving for 3 years.

Recently we bought a gaming laptop and now i am looking for a community to race with via Steam.
Already when i was on ps4 i sometimes on sunday evenings watched aor races and i thought it was pretty cool to drive there.
Now i dont know if it will be but i do want to compete.
I drive no assists and am still getting faster every now and then, learning and progressing.

Anyway i got Steam and discord so if youd like to catch up and enjoy some quality time racing respond here or fire me up in discord.

Cya in game, regards

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