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Moved Nicolas cutting the track in qualifying

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Filip Prešnajder

S15 AOR PC F2 Champion
May 28, 2017
Platform + League: PC F1
League Coordinator: @Fehler3
Date: 15.03.2020
Members Involved: @ChroMatk
Nicolas cut the track to get into the pits in time so he could do his final lap which was a pole lap also, under normal circumstances he wouldn't most likely get the lap in.


S15 AOR PC F3 Champion
Mar 29, 2018
I gained about 3 seconds? if that? I had plenty of time left, it was my fuel which was very low and I was worried I couldn't make it back. I started my lap with around 9 seconds left, meaning if you take out 3 seconds it would be 6... also, I just timed it well, as when i went back to the pits after cutting the chicane I waited for the right moment to go out (shown on stream).

here is the clip of me starting the lap with 9 seconds left
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