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PC Nightmare Start (Monaco)

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Jul 17, 2019
Platform + League: PC America F3
League Coordinator: @Lundqvistbro
Date: 09/15/19
Members Involved: @LyneMartel
@IntergalacticGentleman @AceStudios
Description: Off the line, I beat AceStudios10 and move a cars length ahead, closed the gap on the outside of turn 1 to cover (but left space). As this is happening, Lyne Martel swerves at a 30 degree angle aggressively towards Intergalactic causing Intergalactic to break and move. I had to lift off the gas as AceStudios10 comes up the inside. I then get rear ended by Yan Willian.


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F1 Coordinator
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Sep 21, 2017

Right at the 30 minute mark is the start of the race. I tapped Lyne but dont really think it was all that consequential, was just trying to survive the first lap. Basically skipped the first corner because I figured trying to move back in would've been a really bad idea, would rather take the track limits/corner cut warning and stay alive.
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