Notice Regarding Rage Quitting |

Notice Regarding Rage Quitting

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SVR Martxn

Forza Coordinator
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Forza Coordinator
May 31, 2016
Over the last weeks it has come to my attention that some lobbies suffer because of multiple ragequits.

The first example being D-lobby for the Laguna Seca round. Where we had 11 people qualifying. Only 9 of which could be bothered to appear at the start of race 1, of which one left during the race. Starting race 2 with only 8 drivers, of which once again one left mid race. Resulting in only 7 drivers appearing at the start of race 3 of which only 5 made the end of the race.

The second example being A-lobby last weekend at Hockenheim, where we had 16 drivers appearing at he start of race 1. Of which only 12 turned up for race 3.

Of course there are legitimate reasons for leaving, such as:

- Xbox failures
- Disconnects
- Emergency's
- etc.

But leaving or not participating because things aren't going your way, or a lobby you qualified in is "below your standards" quite frankly isn't one. It's a long season. Some races you'll do well, and some won't go your way. That's the way it is.

Please keep in mind that by leaving you're not only affecting your own races. But also those of your fellow competitors. If a lobby is supposed to start with 11 guys, and only 5 finish the last race. That won't be a fun experience for the guys that actually cared to stick around. Same with the situation in A-lobby last race. Being 4 drivers down isn't a good thing. Especially for a lobby that is being streamed.
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