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XB1 NZL Ryan, LSEM Allan incident at T5 Singapore

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Feb 4, 2019
MEMBERS INVOLVED - LSEM Allan (Myself), Nzl Ryan
Firstly In the attached photo Ryan puts 2 wheels over the white line on the pit exit. MaxMate990 was penalised for this action in Austria in the Oceanic F2 league. I believe Ryan gained an advantage from this as his line was wider giving him an extra tenth of a second making the difference between me being in front or behind. Rules are rules and the rules say that all 4 tyres must remain within the white line as it can either be dangerous or an advantage can be made.

Secondly in the attached video you can see that I had a good run into T5 as I turned my modes up. I wanted to make this move as I wanted to be side by side going down the straight with DRS which would mean that I'd be in front. This is easier than sitting in the dirty air for T5 and potentially getting a poor run. At the point of braking my front left was alongside his rear right and before the apex of the corner I was more than alongside his car. I believe he should've given me room as I was far enough alongside him plus there was multitudes of room on the left hand side of the track. At the apex of the corner it is clear that there isn't a cars width which forced me onto the kerb. Cars and kerbs generally don't go too well together as the car can get unsettled. Going over the kerbs it was impossible for me to avoid contact. My car was then spun off of Ryan's car losing me around 8 secs. Ryan explained that he thought he left space but the attached clip clearly shows that this didn't happen.



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Dec 10, 2017
Coming out of the pits I turned in too late making me run wide across the pit exit line, costing me time if anything. I then turned back to the left to continue out of the pit exit lane properly. I had no intention to gain time from going across the pit exit line at all. Just misjudged the turn in point.

As for the incident at Turn 5, I felt I left enough space without just giving up the place, leaving Allan some track space and the kerb. His left front tyre was caught by my right rear as I exited the corner unfortunately leading to him spinning around.

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Jan 25, 2014
The stewards have looked over the footage and comments provided and we have decided that No Further Action will be taken on the incident at turn 4. As for @NzL RyaN LzN crossing the pit exit line he will receive 5 penalty points.

Closed. @RoscoArm @NzL RyaN LzN @AllanHugo
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