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PC Official F1 Esports 2017 League Championship - PC Race 3: Japan

Dan Hawkins

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Aug 18, 2014
Official F1 Esports 2017 League Championship
Race Thread: PC Race 3 - Japan

Race Information:
Date: Wednesday 27th September 2017
Lobby Opens: 7:50pm UK time (BST)
Start Time: 8:00pm UK time (BST)
Circuit: Suzuka International Racing Course (Japan)
Qualifying Length: 12 minutes
Race Laps: 27

Lobby Information:
Lobby Host: TBD
Spectators: @FakeGhostPirate & @King-kodiak

The driver with the best connection based on the Speedtest provided on sign-up will be selected to host the lobby. This driver will be contacted in due time before the lobby is due to be started. This driver will set up the lobby at the specified time and then invite the two spectators to join. The spectators will then invite the remaining drivers into the lobby. All drivers must add the spectators to their Steam friends list in due time before the start of the lobby in order to be invited. It is each driver's responsibility to be online at the required time.

More detailed information about the lobby joining process can be found under 4.2 in the rules.

Lobby Settings:
Session Options:
Era: Modern F1 Cars
Maximum Participants: 20
Practice Length: None
Qualifying: Short Qualifying
Race Distance: 50%
Quick Weather: Dynamic
Session Start Time: Official
Session Privacy: Invite Only

Race Settings:
AI Driver Level: 85 (Expert)
Car Performance: Equal
Parc Fermé Rules: On
Collisions: On
Vehicle Damage: Full
Safety Car: Off
Rules and Flags: On
Corner Cutting Stringency: Strict
Session Privacy: Invite Only
Formation Lap: Off
Race Starts: Manual

Assist Restrictions:
Braking Assist: Off
Anti-Lock Brakes: Off
Traction Control: Off
Automatic Gearbox: Manual
Pit Assist: Off
Pit Release Assist: Off
Dynamic Racing Line: Off

Before attending the race, you are required to have read through the full Race Championship Rules, which govern the driving standards that are expected from all drivers during the race event.

Stewards Enquiries:
If you feel another driver has failed to respect the racing rules or lobby etiquette during this race event, you may submit a stewards enquiry in the Stewards Enquiries forum. This must be done within 24 hours after the race has ended. Any enquiries will be looked into by the Stewards, consisting of a select team from ApexOnlineRacing and Codemasters, to ensure a fair and transparent series.



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AOR Admin
Jan 12, 2014
Final race tonight lads! Let's try to send this thing off with a bang (well, good racing preferably, not too much banging)!

Would also be great if at least those who finish in the top 3 in the standings at the end can be available in Discord for an interview with the commentators after the race :)

Good luck to all!

@Graham Carroll @Ycoms @Olli Pahkala @RaikoGordon24 @Michaelx99 @Qélon @N1kmido @Fehler3 @ramdrop @JoniJohn @Marco FD @Enzo Bonito @Cem Bolukbasi @Cam @klawutzke @Tom97HD @maxafc46 @RBK @Westyy


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Dec 10, 2016
you have no idea how much I want you all to DNF so i can win :)

anyhow, good luck to the potential contenders for this race tonight.


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Jan 13, 2014
Gutted i had to miss tonight, really enjoyed participating in this, and hope there will be more to come. Thanks for putting it on AOR/F1 Game!

Also, grats to the eventual top 3, have fun in London :D


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Sep 15, 2016
Running in P5 after a brilliant start, a lot of points there to get, but my minds just says no and I hit the wall to have front wing damage for the rest of the race.
Nevertheless congrats to the top 3. Good luck in London


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F1 Coordinator
Apr 26, 2015
Here is my race, once again congratulations, bottled the quali lap and suffered as a result. Made two important overtakes into Turn 1, but it wasn't enough!



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Dec 10, 2016
Had a poor Qualifying due to me changing wings for the wet weather and I raised them a little too much which gave me no speed, but then Q is my weak point.

Was a good race, wet weather suited me more than I expected. Had some good battles with @JoniJohn, couldn't get past him when it mattered and when I did get close I made too many mistakes to really make a challenge. Same goes for @Qelon.

Congratulaions to @Graham Carroll, @Olli Pahkala and @Ycoms. You all deserve this! :).

My Highlights
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Sep 17, 2016
Congrats to our top 3 @Graham Carroll, @Olli Pahkala and @Ycoms! Very well deserved. (y)

Reviewing my race: P5 is a great result for me and I couldn´t have hoped for more. As soon as I saw the weather prediction for the race I knew: If I can´t grab at least one point today then I´ll never ever get one in this series. However what impresses me most and surely a lot of other people too is the gap to the top 4 which made everyone else look like we were driving in a different class (probably we were in some ways :D). Kudos for such a dominant performance!