Official iGP Manager League - Announcement


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If you want to discuss iGP with the people who are not necessarily in the iGP Manager league, you can also do it in the ApexOnlineRacing Discord

Ask for iGP role in the #permission_request channel


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From the manager side I quite enjoyed the season, for the first run it went pretty well overall. Also I really liked the broadcasts, especially the ones with a co-commentator were really enjoyable to watch. But how AOR staffs view on how the races, the season overall and how the broadcasts went?


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And that's it for the first season of the Official iGP Manager League. Huge congrats to our champion @Peter Man who won 9 races out of all 17, and being 15 times in the podium! The point gap to second was 107 points, which proves the point that Peter had the right strategy on training and races throughout the season. Although we had some issues with certain rules and updates with the game, we all did good on following the rules that came even after the season had started, we will note the feedback to improve the possible future seasons.

This was a very interesting and successful season with all the different strategies and new things we got to experience. I had a lot of fun right from the beginning, and I hope that you guys did too.

Top 3:
1. @Peter Man
2. @Nico85
3. @PolariuZ

Final full results:

Thank you for the great commentators in the live streams and background work:
@FakeGhostPirate @aalliigg @King-kodiak @iGP José @jackbasford

Huge thank you for everyone who participated, and worked in the background. I hope to see you guys again in the future!