Official season top tier stats and notable records |

Official season top tier stats and notable records


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May 20, 2016
With 7 completed seasons in the league I decided to compile a few stats from the leagues history books all these stats will be taken from only the top tier.
(so for example season 1 had 3 tiers and season's 4 & 6 had 2 tiers only results from the top tier will count, the other seasons had just 1 tier so these will count as top tier)

It'll definitely will be a work in progress and for the sake of ease I won't update these stats until a season is finished:

4 - Ashracer2011 (S3, S4, S5 & S9)
3 - Wobbuffet (S8, SFS2 & S10)
1 - Jamie-995 (S1), Hollowdene (S2), VLX_NovA (S6), Hasnain282 (S7)

38 - Wobbuffet
22 - Ashracer2011
16 - Hasnain282
9 - Hollowdene
7 - VLX_NovA
6 - Jamie-995
3 - steveGaming, VLX_Dennis, TubbyPhantom
2 - Expritx30, SolidNinjaSnake, Gareth Kirk, Meg1s
1 - Martynvr84, Scuderia_Ethan, Bl99dy-Nine, RGT_Hayc, Delaney

Notable Win records:
Most Wins in a single season: 11 - Wobbuffet (SFS2)
Most consecutive Wins: 8 - Wobbuffet (SFS2 R3 Feature - R6 Sprint)
Most different Winners in a season: 6 - Season 5 & Season 10
Closest Winning margin: 0.144 - Hollowdene beat Hasnain282 at Brands Hatch (S2 Round 4 Feature)
Drivers to have won every race in a season: 2 - Jamie-995 (S1) & Hasnain282 (S7)

18 - Ashracer2011
13 - Hasnain282
5 - Hollowdene, TubbyPhantom
4 - VLX_NovA, Wobbuffet
3 - Jamie-995
2 - Browneskiii, Scuderia_Ethan, Gareth Kirk
1 - West408, VLX_Dennis, steveGaming, Cpt.JJ, TubbyPhantom, Delaney

Notable Qualifying records:
Most Poles in a single season: 6 - Ashracer2011 (S4)
Most consecutive Poles: 5 - Hollowdene (S2) & Ashracer (S4)
Most different Polesitters in a season: 5 - Season 6
Closest qualifying margin between Pole & 2nd: 0.001 - Cpt.JJ beat VLX_NovA at Monza (S6 Round 4)

(*Reverse grid Poles in sprint races are not included, or any race where Pole was awarded without qualifying.)

63 - Hasnain282, Wobbuffet
51 - Ashracer2011
23 - TubbyPhantom
20 - Bl99dy-Nine
19 - Meg1s
14 - Hollowdene
13 - VLX_NovA, Gareth Kirk
11 - Delaney
9 - VLX_Dennis
7 - SolidNinjaSnake, Cpt.JJ
6 - Jamie-995
4 - West408, Scuderia_Ethan, Expritx30, steveGaming
3 - Solenx86
2 - Browneskiii, Dragapollo12, Martynvr84, SabitOff, Jutngo, Manx57, RLH_Wesley, RGT_Hayc
1 - F4H_Green, TNR_Filo, LJM_Stevo, 1.MSC, Babaoriley3, NicoZ-VGA

Notable Podium records:
Most Podiums in a season: 15 - Hasnain282 (S8)
Most consecutive Podiums in a row: 14 - Hasnain282 (S8 R2 Feature - R8 Sprint)
Most different Podium drivers in a season: 10 - Season 5

Fastest Laps
42 - Ashracer2011
23 - Wobbuffet
16 - Hasnain282
6 - Hollowdene
4 - Jamie-995, Scuderia_Ethan
3 - VLX_NovA, Gareth Kirk, TubbyPhantom, Delaney
2 - Solenx86, Martynvr, Cpt.JJ
1 - steveGaming, SolidNinjaSnake, VLX_Dennis, Meg1s, Manx57, NicoZ-VGA, Jutngo

Notable Fastest Lap records:
Most Fastest Laps in a season: 10 - Ashracer2011 (S4)
Most consecutive Fastest Laps in a row: 9 - Ashracer2011 (S3 R2 - S4 R3 Sprint)
Most different drivers to get a Fastest Lap in a season: 6 - Season 6

Starts in Top Tier
102 - Bl99dy-Nine
94 - Ashracer2011
87 - Wobbuffet
86 - Delaney
76 - Hasnain282
75 - TubbyPhantom
71 - Gareth Kirk
65 - Meg1s
63 - Jackiid
35 - Manx57
(Top 10 only + ties)

Notable start records:
Most consecutive starts in the Top Tier: 49 - Bl99dy-Nine (S2 R1 Feature - S5 R7 Sprint)

Roll of Honour
Seasonal Top 3
S1: 1st - Jamie-995 ______ 2nd - West408 _________ 3rd - Browneskiii
S2: 1st - Hollowdene ____ 2nd - Wobbuffet _______ 3rd - Ashracer2011
S3: 1st - Ashracer2011___2nd - Hasnain282 ______ 3rd - TubbyPhantom
S4: 1st - Ashracer2011___2nd - Wobbuffet _______ 3rd - Hasnain282
S5: 1st - Ashracer2011___2nd - Wobbuffet _______ 3rd - Hasnain282
S6: 1st - VLX_NovA ______ 2nd - SolidNinjaSnake __3rd - Cpt.JJ
S7: 1st - Hasnain282 ____ 2nd - Meg1s ___________ 3rd - Bl99dy-Nine
S8: 1st - Wobbuffet _____ 2nd - Hasnain282 ______ 3rd - Bl99dy-Nine
SFS2: 1st - Wobbuffet ___ 2nd - Bl99dy_Nine _____ 3rd - Meg1s
S9: 1st - Ashracer2011___2nd - Meg1s ____________3rd - Bl99dy-Nine
S10: 1st - Wobbuffet ____ 2nd - Hasnain282 ______ 3rd - Ashracer2011

Team Champions
S1: Jamie-995 & RacingGamer55
S2: Hollowdene
S3: TubbyPhantom & Gareth Kirk
S4: TubbyPhantom & Gareth Kirk
S5: Ashracer2011 & Delaney
S6: TubbyPhantom & Gareth Kirk
S7: Hasnain282
S8: Bl99dy-Nine & Jutngo
SFS2: Wobbuffet
S9: Ashracer2011 & Delaney
S10: Ashracer2011 & Delaney
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May 20, 2016
Good idea mate. Maybe be can persuade @BL99DY-NINE to do some of his magic on that
Well in general its easy enough to compile Delaney as thankfully we do have screenshots of qualy and race for most races throughout the seasons, the only main big issue currently is Season 6 with the standings gone that's the most time consuming bit at the moment - I have to go into each race thread that season and then check the stewards to make sure if any pens are applied post race to the original race results. (which they were at Suzuka)
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May 20, 2016
Ok I've now added podiums and FL's, guess the final thing I can look into is amount of top tier races done by drivers.
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May 20, 2016
Update: I'm pleased to now say that all notable stats from the Seasons 1 thru 7 have now been completed, I'm 99.9% confident that there all correct (especially with the time I had to take going through season 6 threads) and with all-time and single season records available to look through, I feel like there is something interesting for everyone to look at.

I will add that co-ords after looking though each seasons table/standings, I think its important from a league point of view that the Drivers Table is properly re-completed for Season 5 (RB Jr) as the first 3 races are missing. (also the teams standings points are completely wrong)

And the big one that definitely needs addressing is the season 6 table, it really has to be completely redone at some point, as the fact it currently looks like this:
Doesn't look good on the league, but as I've said before at least the info/race results is there in the threads in those seasons so this can be done.

Anyway moving on finally, the next update of these stats will done after the completion of Season 8.


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Oct 8, 2018
lol theres no need to rush Jack, besides best to wait until the current 911 season is over that way I can update everything in one sitting. (or 2 perhaps:LOL:)
More surprised I'm on here (I know i've been here nearly a year now but still..)
Starts in Top Tier
64 - Ashracer2011
60 - Bl99dy-Nine
52 - Hasnain282
51 - Wobbuffet, TubbyPhantom
49 - Gareth Kirk
44 - Delaney
37 - Meg1s
32 - Jackiid
26 - Sean-GBR, SolidNinjaSnake
(Top 10 only + ties)


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May 20, 2016
Ok everything has now been updated including both Season 8 & SF Season 2, notable changes with a few new records in the wins and podiums have now been set.

More surprised I'm on here (I know i've been here nearly a year now but still..)
Well Jack you've really consolidated your top 10 spot easy in that list now, even if you get seasons with 2 tiers its going to take someone at least 4 seasons to have a chance of catching you I would have thought, anyway that list has a notable change as well as Bl99dy has overtaken Ash for top spot in most starts.


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May 20, 2016
I'm pleased to announce that I've done another update (consider this one a bonus), I've decided to add a 'roll of honour' now, as you'll now see below the records theres now the 'Top 3 overall' shown from each season as well as the 'Team Champions' for each season.

From my view I wouldn't say I found this surprising exactly, but eye opening a bit as I didn't think @Meg1s & @BL99DY-NINE had finished in the top 3 overall 3 & 4 times respectively each.
(Bl99dy you were on a 4 season streak in the top 3 until S10)

Also people know I don't particularly care for the teams championship myself, but I think it was only right to show it some love as it means something to other people here, following S10 there is a tie at the top for most team championships between the pairings off @Ashracer2011/@Delaney & @TubbyPhantom/@Gareth Kirk (with 3 apiece).

I will add as a note about season 2, after doing my research I disregarded the original final teams championship table that season as in the end due to many of the original 2 driver teams losing a driver each over the course of that season, which normally meant that those drivers leaving mid-season would be removed & lose there points.

However it seems the team that was classified as the teams champion kept the points of the second driver despite the fact they left after round 4, so I've done the math and took away those points and it meant that the real teams champion that season was in fact Hollowdene by himself.

With the S10 final results (which I added a couple weeks back) there was no massive changes to the stats just a few new names added to a few categories, the only sort of main thing to note was that I'm now tied with Hasnain for most podiums heading into S11.

Finally once again reminding that on the 'to do done list' is fixing of the Season 5 table (first 3 races need re-inputting) with that teams championship table needs to be corrected, and the more long-term fix of a complete redo of the Season 6 table with results. (Though at this point I'd happily settle for season 5 first being fixed in the short-term.:LOL:)