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OPINION: Track Selection in iRacing


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Aug 26, 2014
This is something that has been bugging me for a considerable while now, and I'm eager to hear the thoughts of others. Let's have a nice, polite debate about it.

As long as I remember and have been involved in iRacing. The official calendars are created mostly by way of forum votes toward the end of each season. One or two free tracks are included, and then the rest is up to the community. My annoyance with this system is it's the same people voting every time and we get the same tracks over and over again.

There was a period of time in the FR2.0 leagues where you could basically predict the calendar every season based off rotation and what was available.

We use the iLMS and IMSA Calendars in the GTE league, to give us more variety to make an interesting calendar however I guess that depends on what you describe or find interesting.

I was one who highly requested Twin Ring Motegi on the calendar. It's a rarely used track but it's great and it produced a highly entertaining race from a spectator point of view. However compared to the alternative, which was Road America. Some thought the decision was wrong.

It was a deliberate call to leave Suzuka off the calendar this season despite it being an option. It'd been used in the previous two seasons in a row and there are other tracks to race on.

I'm curious just because we had a good turnout at Twin Ring Motegi, despite the complaining. So it suggests a lot of people already own it. What's the point in owning content if you don't want to drive it? Where's the fun in doing the same tracks over and over again?

Do you not enjoy the challenge of a new circuit? Or at least a different circuit? I love that there are tracks that not everyone is super familiar with and be different. It's why we included Detroit Belle Isle last season. Alright, it wasn't the 'best' track in terms of overtakes. But it was a challenge to master and produced some good racing.

If I could do what I wanted with this league, then one round would be a wildcard round, with a track picked from the iRacing list that wasn't on the official calendar.

These cars are so adaptable yet I find people restrict them so much by just driving the same tracks.

I'm interested to hear your thoughts.


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Sep 17, 2016
Do you not enjoy the challenge of a new circuit? Or at least a different circuit?
I enjoy the challenge of a new circuit. What I don´t enjoy is paying 15 bucks everytime I want to face one of those new challenges. That´s why I only vote for tracks I own or - at the very least - plan to buy 100%. Everything else makes no sense to me and I guess many people feel the same way.

Personally I picked up Motegi because I had to miss the race a week before due to unexpected circumstances. Otherwise Motegi would´ve been a "planned" DNS for me.


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Aug 11, 2018
These cars are so adaptable yet I find people restrict them so much by just driving the same tracks.
Agreed I feel that current iracing official track selection is similar every season, I'd be all in for a more diverse selection even if it means not following official calendars


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Sep 2, 2018
I hear your arguments about the iRacing community built schedules @Stevie. Some series are more open to variety than others but iLMS and IMSA aren't the best on that point. Yet I think IMSA community is slightly more open to it than iLMS as they don't have to think about "will the LMP1 manage to stay on track?".

Right now, racing in official series is just for me a way to earn participation credits. Then I can put them on buying new tracks for example... That's why I'd rather see this league calendar to stick to IMSA calendar for most of the season, let's say 9 or 10 weeks, like in season 4. This would still allow you to pick 2 or 3 interesting tracks.

Last season I discovered Detroit, like everyone else. This season I discovered Brands Hatch during the Daytona24 week and rediscovered Motegi which I had only raced once, by night. This required some extra practice yes, but it was great fun to face new challenges.


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Feb 10, 2018
I think sticking to at least 10 rounds of iLMS and IMSA would be good.

Buying tracks, planning your season, using official iracing practice to get two series practice in at the same time for people with limited practice time during the week, etc. I think the series is working so well because of the formula.

Adding a wild card round or two would be ok, but I wouldn't want anymore than that.

Keeping 12 rounds of iLMS and IMSA would be best I think, since you can change between the two for a good calendar like this season.

I think this seasons schedule was great by the way.

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Jan 14, 2014
im ok with the calendar, its the hand of fate that we are dealt with...

what i would prefer for next season is to leave Daytona out...give it the same treatment as Suzuka, bring in a track that isnt on either of the calendars...like Okayama, Barber, Mosport

but there are tracks thats should never added to the calendar like CoTA, Lime Rock or Oran Park


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Mar 4, 2015
Oran Park
@McPhilen FIGHT

Couldn't agree more with @Bucefal. In my case I own pretty much own every road track by now (very few exceptions) and the iLMS calendar is kinda boring at times. Last season definitely had more variety to it because of focussing more on the IMSA calendar. Still though, it wasn't bad at all this season, obviously had to miss Motegi even though I turned laps around it the Sunday before the race, ffs.

I wouldn't mind if you want to implement a wildcard round in the future, even though I'm not the hugest fan of not following at least one calendar round of either iLMS and IMSA. If it means we get to race tracks like Motegi, VIR, Mosport, Oulton Park etc. I'd be happy. Honestly, tracks like Monza and Imola annoy me very much, how in god's holy name are they so popular?!


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Jan 14, 2014
I would personally prefer the season to follow the IMSA calendar