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Our Super Simple Guide to Sending or Updating Your Livery!

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Niclas Domino

iRacing Overlay Designer & AC Skin Creator
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Jul 31, 2016
I think my livery wasn't updated for Mosport, I sent a new one a couple of weeks ago.
Yea i know why it wasn't updated, decals was still on, and i wasn't able to remove them without damaging the skin, so i dismissed it.


2 time AOR PS4 GT3 T1 Champion
Jul 17, 2016
My answer is a bit of a two-part thing here.
  1. short Yes you can, i just need your ID, and i will add you, but pls for my system, just send a default skin with the car_ID.
  2. If you are using TP, and are having a skin on there that you want to use, then you need to start a Test Drive up, Let TP do it's work. wile you are still ingam, Alt+tab out of the game, and look at Dokuments/iRacing/Paint/car.
Or send me a link to the Skin on TP, and i will get it for you.
Thank you for the help. I submitted it
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Aug 6, 2016
I'm confused - how is my skin submission late? Says 23.59 Friday, it's now Friday morning no?
No worries, you have submitted it in time. The deadline in the sheet is still on last Friday, so the sheet is incorrect.