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PC Overtake of the Week [Spanish Grand Prix]

Who made the best overtake of the Spanish Grand Prix?

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Mar 6, 2017
AOR HYPE F1 Season 15 - PC
Overtake of the Week [Spanish Grand Prix]

Welcome to the Overtakes of the Week on the PC platform for the Spanish Grand Prix. Each driver is allowed a maximum of ONE submission from this race. You have until Tuesday 15th May 23:59 UK Time to submit your overtake, before you will be able to vote for your favourite overtake from those submitted. Voting for yourself is not permitted; more information on the Overtake of the Week competition can be found HERE.

Submission 1 - @SMEAJ

Submission 2 - @FraGioco9

Submission 3 - @TheVerenzak

Submission 4 - @Ryndal

Submission 5 - @EversVincent

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Jan 14, 2014
Unfortunately didn't record myself, but a car a little behind me did record the overtake. So thanks to @yoan97222 for the footage :)

I did a double overtake into T10.

overtake at 18:20
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Sep 21, 2017
i made several overtakes turn 1 and 2 on a spectacular way. sad that my stream had a bad moment that moment.

from 14:30 till turn 4