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Moved Overtake under SC

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But safety car was over it was the re start and the leader already started to accelerate as everybody was fast at this moment.
plus you hit me and I ended in the wall broking my car end of my race.
I might be wrong but I thought that it was ok to overtake as soon as the leader start to accelerate again. If not I will take the penalty needed and won’t definitely do it again. As I ended in the wall I already have a « penalty » lol
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The stewards have reviewed the evidence and decided to give @Matsuri20 5 penalty points for overtaking under the Safety Car. No time penalty will be applied due to the crash immediately after this incident which meant the position was returned to @Joe2397 .

You cannot overtake until you cross the start/finish line.

@NXGN_EnvoyXtreme @Joe2397 @Matsuri20
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