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Moved Overtake under SC

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Formula 3 Reserve Driver
Platform + League: PS4 AL2
League Coordinator: @NXGN_EnvoyXtreme
Date: 15/11/20
Members Involved: @HuDzJ01
Description: was overtaken by @HuDzJ01 and was given a 5-second time penalty /wanted to let him pass so that I wouldn't get a punishment
Evidence: 22:05

Head Steward

Head Steward
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After reviewing the evidence the stewards have decided to give @HuDzJ01 10 penalty points for this incident. There is no need to be alongside another car under Safety Car conditions, especially due to the issues it can cause when positions change briefly. Please take more care in future.

Unfortunately we cannot remove the 5 second time penalty applied by the game as it was served in the pits.

@NXGN_EnvoyXtreme @HuDzJ01 @Joe2397
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