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PS Overtaking Under Safety Car?

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Platform + League: PS4 + F2
League Coordinator: @PedroPMF
Members Involved: @alejandro_es_02 and @Yellow_Fedele77
During the safety car period, I've witnissed that Fedele overtook Alejandro and did not give the position back to Alejandro, I'm curious to know why he overtook him during the safety car because it's 100% obvious that we cannot overtake anyone under the safety car!


AOR Stream POV: We can see that Fedele in the Red Bull overtook Alejandro the Alfa Romeo, during the safety car at 26:47.

My stream POV: We can see at 29:08 that the leaderboards shows the swap btw these two drivers right behind me under safety car.
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This is my visual about what happened during the Safety Car.
As you can see Alejandro spun and I can't do anything to avoid the overtake.
Infact, the game itself told me to follow Sam after (it's possible to read the message).
I'm not the only one to overtook Alejandro because he spun twice and he finished behind the leading group


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Ok, it would more clear if we have Alejandro's POV, it would have been more fair if you would have gave him the place back tho, even tho he half lost the car, he havent completly spun yet, he was right beside you when he catched the car.

Anyways, let's wait for his POV.
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